Enabling iGPU on Dedicated Servers

This is a quick guide to enable the iGPU on a dedicated server in Debian/Ubuntu so that you can use Plex quicksync or other tasks. I did this on KS-7 and ReliableSite. It look me a while to figure it out. So, I wanted to save others the trouble.

Note that this will mess up VNC through IPMI. Though, that’s irrelevant on Kimsufi anyway.

  1. Check to see if you need this by running ls /dev/dri. If the directory doesn’t exist; proceed.

  2. Run sudo nano /etc/default/grub

  3. There should be a line that says something like

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="nomodeset iommu=pt"
  1. Remove the “nomodeset” part so that it just says
  1. Do whatever the comments on the file say to update grub (probably sudo update-grub).

  2. Reboot

Now, you should have some devices under /dev/dri. After this, I was able to use hardware transcoding in Plex.