Email Hosting - - 14gb $14/year (MXroute reseller)

The number 14 is special, for in the month of February the 14th is Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year I am going to present to you a special offer for email hosting.

No, not just any email hosting. I am a reseller of MXroute, so this is amazing email hosting!

At an amazing price through the month of February - just $14 per year recurring.

Order here: - Valentine’s Day 2023 14gb $14/year offer

In case you are not familiar with MXroute, they take the pain of deliverability off the table by offering a low cost, highly deliverable email service. You can create an unlimited number of email users on an unlimited number of domains – limited only by the amount of storage space you have.

Just a few terms to mention:

  • Absolutely no spam, or marketing email of any kind allowed.
  • A limit of 300 outbound emails per hour.
  • You MUST use our SPF record in DNS. **

Additionally the Forbidden Services, Spoofing Senders, Sending Limits, Spam Reports, and Damaging IP Reputation sections of the MXroute Terms of Service apply by reference.

** Our SPF record, or include statement must be present if you use multiple providers to send emails.

Offer good through: February 28, 2023

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Ever since Taylor Swift took over MXroute that it has never been the same.

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