Eisenhower Matrix for Dealing With Upcoming Tasks

Anyone been using the Eisenhower Matrix to manage your tasks?

I found it to be very helpful. Every once in a while I take a piece of paper and write this scheme down, then fill it in.

1. Important and urgent

These are the tasks that you need to complete first and immediately. Make sure they’re a balanced mix between your ‘drainers’ and ‘energizers’.

2. Important but not urgent

Here’s where you’d set some time to tackle the tasks later. You may feel tempted to just tick them off your list and say ‘I’ll deal with it when I’ve got more time’, but don’t do it. The right way to do it is by opening your calendar and yes, actually scheduling exactly where you’ll make it happen.

3. Not important but urgent

The third quadrant holds the tasks that can be easily handed over to other people on your team. And even if the preparation would take some time, it’s worth doing that. Not only for other team members who could gain new skills or get better at things they’re interested in but also for yourself. Delegating some of your responsibilities will free up your time so you can focus on things that are important (first and second quadrant).

4. Not important, not urgent

Congratulations, you’ve just done yourself a massive favor! In this quadrant, you’ve listed all the tasks that you can delete without ever looking back. Do it now, don’t regret later.

There is a really nice explanation here: Going beyond the Eisenhower Matrix - Prosper Blog