EIG is getting into the WordPress Plugin market (YOAST got aquired)

EIG, now rebranded to Newfold Digital, decided to go after the WordPress Plugins market. Probably because other hosting companies are doing it too.

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This is bad, right? I don’t know but I feel this is bad.

If I were a very large hosting company I’d buy really popular plugins that historically limited server capacity and caused excess tickets. I seem to recall that might be one.

Bring the problem in house and solve it.


Quite honestely, I think this revolves around the mantra of “Wordpress hosting”.
GoDaddy offers plugins…
…and LiquidWeb bought so many Wordpress plugins that they even created a brand just to house them, StellarWP.
EIG probably felt they need to up their game to attract clients to their WordPress hosting

I’d say so.
Consolidation ussually doesnt end up well for the consumer…

Why solve the problem if you can make thousands from shared customers by upselling them “managed wordpress hosting”


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More capacity means more revenue per server, so you can upsell and sell more of the low packages