- KVM VPS | NVMe SSD | Anti-DDoS | 6 Data Center Locations | Major Cryptocurrency Accepted | From $2 Only

eCoinVPS is a new VPS company established in 2019 with just a little more than a thousand clients at the moment, we have built our business on quality, speed and performance as our servers are powered by KVM virtualization technology, latest intel Xeon processors, fast NVMe SSD storage, DDR4 ECC RAM with up to 10Gbps port available in 6 data centers locations across the globe.

eCoinVPS empowers individual and businesses to deploy VPS servers anonymously using cryptocurrency payment methods such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, USD coin, Dia.

We do not require customer’s personal and financial information such as identification cards, passport, driver’s license, billing address, credit/debit card information as all these are vital parts of your privacy.

Price starting from $2 only.


VPS Servers
Remote Access (RDP)


Instant VPS Activation
Free Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6
Free Linux & Windows License
Free Anti-DDoS Protection
99.9% Uptime Guarantee​​​
Root/Admin Access
Up to 1Gbps Connection
24/7/365 Support


Germany, France, Finland, Belgium, United Kingdom, United States


1-20 CPU Core
0.5-128 GB RAM
10-1920 GB NVMe
250-1000 Mbps - Unlimited

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How do those of us who do not require the ‘privacy’ of cryptocurrency pay? I see no payment methods listed other than coinbase…

These are not datacenters. These are countries.

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You are right, data centers are located in these countries

Sir, One of our top priority is to enable individuals and businesses to deploy VPS servers anonymously using cryptocurrencies, if we accept credit/debit card payments then it would be the opposite of anonymity. we process major cryptocurrency through Coinbase, you can get bitcoin of litecoin from

Welcome back, @julixomo! Happy to see you’ve addressed the concerns brought up last time (ToS & privacy policy), good stuff!

Genuinely curious about this:

Since you’re advocating for anonymity here, but your order form requires client details (name, billing address, etc.), are you condoning people sign up using random info (not valid names & billing addresses)? And if so, how are you combating fraud? (or hasn’t that been an issue yet?)

Thank you for your message Mason, on our order form, names and billing addresses are required because they are standard requirements from WHMCS, we are working to take that out but in the mean time it helps us to identify ownership of VPSs as we have hundreds of active VPS servers, even though clients use random addresses, we do not make use of them as we only accept cryptocurrency payments which also help us avoid fraudulent orders as cryptocurrency payments are non-refundable.

We haven’t encountered any issues yet, VPS is automatically deployed immediately WHMCS receives payment signal from Coinbase.

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Whoops good point! Yeah I forgot about that aspect. So you’re safe from chargebacks and credit card fraud.

I suppose as long as you stay on top of monitoring, you’re in good shape. Just wouldn’t want anyone on there signing up anonymously and thinking they can do illegal stuff and get away with it.

We monitor our servers 24/7 and any VPS server that is suspected to be used for any form of fraudulent acts will be terminated immediately as stated in our terms of service.


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