[drServer.Net] A Very Special Deal Today!

Ladies and gentlemen,
Today it’s time to present to you our most special deal ever!

The Ultimate NVME Server
Intel® Xeon® E-2134 (4-Core, 8-Thread, 3.5GHz)
480GB SSD 1.92TB NVMe (Samsung PM963)
100Mbps DDoS protected unmetered port
Only $70/month
1 in stock right now

To claim it, you will need to open a ticket with us, so we can create a manual order.

For people who missed out, we still have our regular dedicated available.

Intel® Xeon® E-2134 (4-Core, 8-Thread, 3.5GHz)
16 GB DDR4
1 x 480 GB SSD
100Mbps DDoS protected unmetered port
Promocode: YBDX4U70Q
Only $56/month
If you felt like you wanted a newer CPU, feel free to check out the next plan.

Intel® Xeon® E-2136 (4-Core, 8-Thread, 3.5GHz)
16 GB DDR4
1 x 480 GB SSD
100Mbps DDoS protected unmetered port
Promocode: YBDX4U70Q
Only $66/month

You can place the order at: DRS - drServer Hosting Solutions | Dedicated Servers .

Useful Info:
All offers come with 1 IPv4 unless otherwise stated.
rDNS is available.
Custom ISO are possible through a quick ticket. We can load any OS you need.
We are an unmanaged provider, but we will do our best to assist with the configuration of your applications and getting your servers up and running.

About us:
drServer started offering service around November of 2013, so we’re almost 6 years old now. We are a family-owned hosting company, ARIN Member and a RIPE LIR. We own all our IPs and hardware. The doctor is still here and still stronger than ever and can satisfy all your hosting needs.

Useful Links Section:
Terms of Service: DRS - drServer Hosting Solutions | Terms Of Service
AUP: https://drserver.net/aup.php
Ticket us: https://portal.drserver.net/?/tickets/new/
Forum: https://forum.drserver.net
Blog: https://blog.drserver.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drserver.net/
Twiter: https://twitter.com/drservervps

Q: Do you allow gameservers?
Because most gameservers generally attract (D)DoS attacks, we currently do not allow them on our network.
This also applies to voiceservers such as Teamspeak and Mumble.
Q: Can I run a VPN?
Private VPN servers are perfectly fine with us. Public ones, however, are not.
Q: What’s your refund policy?
We do have a 30-day refund policy for your first service with us.
Q: What payment methods are accepted?
We accept payments via PayPal and BitPay.
Q: Do you have a test IP/file?
Q: Do you offer instant setup?
Servers on this offer are instantly provisioned, subject to stock availability.

Network Info:
Dallas, USA
Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2604:0880:0052:0000:0000:0000:01e5:657b
Test file(IPv4): http://lg-dal.ipv4.drserver.net/100MB.test
Looking glass(IPv4): http://lg-dal.ipv4.drserver.net/
Test file(IPv6): http://lg-dal.ipv6.drserver.net/100MB.test
Looking glass(IPv6): http://lg-dal.ipv6.drserver.net/

All network ports have DDoS protection. Our bandwidth mix includes: Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, GTT, Telia, Equinix Peering, DECIX Peering, Private Peering.

Thanks for reading the thread!
Have a good day!

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Is there anyway to do 250Mbps, 5TB cap instead?

Please open a sales ticket for a quote.

Ok, I’ll do that when I get back home.

So, gameservers attract ddos attacks and are hence banned from your network.

Yet this server has ddos protection.

What’s going on with that?

I thought that LET also had (world-class) DDoS protection, so I’m beginning to wonder …


Hivelocity DDoS protection… so it probably costs a fortune if they get hit with any sizable attack. The way I read it is: if you get hit with a small attack once or twice then we’ll help you out, but if you get hit over and over… better luck elsewhere.

On accident I did a small study on this.

We had one machine a Kimsufi with gameservers with AntiDDoS.
Another machine at WorldStream with gameserver, without AntiDDoS.

The machine that ran games like with weapons, did pulled down a few DDoS attacks per week.
Good that we had AntiDDoS on this one, the other one, which ran peaceful stuff like without guns, was not attacked in 6 months once.

It does strongly depend on the game and if it contains guns or not.
Except some games are kinda toxic from the beginning like Minecraft.

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We have worked to establish a clean network without DDoS magnets. There is simply no real reason or benefit to start welcoming them now.


@Radi LET is down. I am looking for drserver. PM me please :smiley:

only thing insane about that is the one who buys it and needs two days to push in or pull out his valuable production data to that very single disk through a 100Mbps bottleneck.
no offence meant and sorry to say, but from my pov it’s a quite uninteresting, unbalanced offer - maybe that’s why no one is jumping on it since days, regardless your efforts to market it multiple times :wink:

edit: just to clarify on the ‘insane’ remark in my text above - I posted this in the ‘insane deals thread’ first, but later asked to split and move it here :wink:

100 mbit is fine for lots of things. I have 2 kimsufis with that speed and it’s not an issue much of the time. But, I’ ok with it mostly because they are cheap.

yeah I get that, still it’s quite a discrepancy if an otherwise powerful dedicated server with a ~2TB disk comes with it. and especially with a single disk, who’s gonna put production data on that? that’s why I am asking what use case that would be, where a lot of data isn’t important enough to live with a single disk and at the same time don’t need to be moved in our out often so the limited network is not a problem either. I can’t think of any but maybe someelse sees it more clearer…

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If the aforementioned server is part of a fail-over cluster, it’d work just fine. I’ve ran a KS for 5 years with only 1 disk failure that I was able to spot in time, so I had zero loss of data. In general, that box was more stable than any other box I ever had. The only ever downtime was the power outage in Gravelines or whatever it was.

Radi, that box really does sound pretty nice, but I think people are right in wanting a faster port at that price level. I’m fine without RAID depending on the application, especially if RAID is available at extra cost. A 1gbit port with a bw cap would be nicer than unmetered 100mbit even if the bw cap is relatively low, like 5TB. As always it would help if the cap does not include transfer within the same DC.

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yeah that’s true, I did not think about clustering. that might remove the SPOF for the disk. 100Mbps for a server that’s part of a cluster on the other hand… hmm. 100GB of data take ~3 hours with that.

however, I did not want to bash the offer at all, it’s a good price esp. if you look at parts of it seperately. it’s just not … balanced or really good usable IMHO. therefore not really insane (and that’s what this thread should be about, right?)

PS: make it 2x960GB SSD and 1Gbps /w 10TB cap instead and then you have an insane offer, just because it’s in the US …

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Closer to 2 hours :wink:. 81,92 seconds per 1 GB makes 16.384 seconds per 100 GB = 2.28 hours.

Though I understand (and agree) to what you’re saying, it’s all very relative to the use case and budget. If I need a server for a Kubernetes cluster that runs a dozen of small mobile app back-ends that is only very CPU intensive, 100 Mbit is less of a concern, if at all. There’s still many applications that are low bandwidth. Plus, for what it’s worth, a dedicated 100 Mbit line can, at times, be faster than a shared 1 Gbps line.

yes we agree :slight_smile: and it’s all true what you’re saying. however, if cpu intensive but small apps only, you most likely don’t need a 2 TB nvme in there then. so a different combination might make the offer better and by far more interesting without raising the costs at all :wink:

sorry @Radi for still discussing, but this server is a very good example for me wondering, what do providers think or aim at, when building such a server. Is it f.i. just because they got a good deal on certain hardware that they now need to put to a good use? or do they intentionally build these for a specific purpose.
maybe they even do collect feedback from their customers and prospects and build systems for the most common/needed use cases, but I can’t imagine a combination like the above is a result of that. so I am just curious about the motivation and ways of thinking here :wink:


Fair enough, throw in a disk intensive NoSQL database with many reads and few writes so very few data to replicate over the cluster :wink:.

But let’s not further derail from this thread. I understand where you’re coming from and am also curious what the guy who created the offer had in mind.

Network upgrades are prohibitively expensive - $50 per 100Mbps. If you run a server that has times with peak bandwidth usage (most internet services) you just won’t be able to deliver at 100Mbps and to get that to 300Mbps you’re looking at $150 extra.