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I currently host my domains with OVH, their renewal prices are a bit high. I am thinking about migrating them to a new provider. I seem to remember that porkbun came highly recommended. I just wondered who people use. I’m based in the UK so payment in GBP would be nice. I only use the registrar for the domain and basic DNS (more advanced DNS I use Azure). Any recommendations?


Michael and namecheap.
Cloudflare for DNS.
In case of namecheap, I’d suggest for you do use a 3rd party for DNS from the get go because doing it later sucks.

I actually had to contact support for them to update the name servers for me (their panel was not allowing me to), and their system, once you select new name servers, drops your domain zone on the spot and your domain is dead till the new nameservers are in full use.

Was using Namecheap, but changed to NameSilo lately. Porkbun also has some good prices.

Lets compare the big 3.

     |  NameSilo | PorkBun | Namecheap

.com      | $6.79->$8.89     | $8.84    | $9.95->$10.98
.net        | $6.79 → $11.69 | $9.78    | $12.09->$12.98
.org        | $4.89->$10.69   | $10.72  | $9.99 → $12.98

Cloudflare for DNS.

Part of the issue is I’m getting killed on the $ to £ fees. I guess I’ll just have to add money to my PayPal account. Do they all support PayPal?

NameSilo, PorkBun & Namecheap do accept paypal

Namesilo :+1:

Just to add that the only thing I deeply dislike at Enom is that they’ll deduct 3% of every top up.

Great experience with all 3, but Porkbun comes out as the most cheapest for me, and therefore I use Porkbun with most of my domains.

Yep, I’m also a porker. Have a dozen or so domains with them. Always use cloudflare for DNS, though. Any reason why you want to use the registrar’s DNS over cloudflare?

Also, you can always check to see what the cheapest registrar is for the tld you want.

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Namesilo :+1:

Same here, I use CF most of the time unless it’s a really small project. TLD-List is very nifty but in my experience, when you’re looking to buy a cctld domain for a domainhack or whatever, it’s better to google around and see if the registry offers a direct purchase and for what price, and also check what prices are the registrars in that cctld’s country offering.

1 Like has some competitive prices too.

Quite happy with NameSilo. I also pay the premium for for some important stuff. NameCheap isn’t too bad either, especially now that whois privacy is free.

Namesilo here. Love their service.

I read somewhere that NameSilo has been acquired by a Canadian investment firm; any reason/s to be worried at all?

NameSilo is great, follow them on Twitter and you’ll be in the know for their regular promotions.

They also accept bitcoin! :smiley:

NameSilo - the best.

Still using namecheap fo about 5 domains.

I realize there are cheaper options now but haven’t been arsed to switch. It’s like saving 5 bucks a year which ain’t a big deal.

Huh, first time I’ve heard of this:

I don’t see any cause for concern at the moment. They paid a fair sale price and plan to list the company publicly. If something major changes with pricing/how they operate, then yeah it’s time to start shifting stuff over to Porkbun or wherever.

Edit: Looks like the team has answered a bunch of customer questions here: registrars - Brisio Innovations to Acquire NameSilo | NamePros

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So… revisiting this again. I never did move from OVH, but they have let me down on a couple of registrations so I now have domains with Porkbun, OVH and njalla. My DNS is still primarily with OVH and it seems to be stable. More complex DNS I have with Azure, but I think I would like to collect all my domains in one place.

I know when I asked last year a number of you were using namesilo, but they had just been acquired. Has anything changed? Are they still the ballers registrar / DNS host of choice?