Domain name transfers

I just discovered that which I always used to find out where to next register my expiring domain name registrations no longer lists Transfer rates. Renewal rates at the current registrar are easy to find out, and rates for new domain names are usually not a problem.
What do people do??

Maybe it was just a temporary outage. I just tried and seems to be working fine. It doesn’t show on the initial screen. You need to click on the TLD to see the price for Register / Renew / Transfer.

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Thanks! Yes, it works here now too. I was only seeing that initial screen without the Transfer column, even after selecting a tld.

I was too hasty and lost over half a dollar by going to Porkbun. :rofl:
I figured being with a registrar with fairly constant low prices would be the answer if the Transfer column would stay missing. Missed out on the chance to try out, never been with them. Experiences anyone? On my part I can share that I don’t like Alibabacloud, very hard to navigate.

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I usually stick with Namesilo / Porkbun and OVH for European TLDs.

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Yeah, those are solid cheapies. I do go for deals, which is why I seem to keep switching…!

There’s also


Cool, never encountered that one!

Don’t forget about :slight_smile:

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Fount of knowledge…! Never heard of that one either.

Have read horrible experiences regarding SAV.

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Their site looks nice, but the reviews are more negative…

For some European and African TLDs, I’ve gotten better prices by using a registrar local to that particular region. They’re usually harder to find though (generally the comparison sites don’t include tiny registrars that only have one or two foreign TLDs).


I got an amazing 10-year deal on a .eu domain with – they’re a well-priced company. and are great resources.


Just had another instance that didn’t show transfer rates, but is really excellent!