Does anyone use krypt’s vps?

Does anyone use krypt’s vps?
I am so disappointed at their bad service!

There is still about $55 credit left in my account!

Never heard of em. Seems quite expensive. $10 for a 1GB VPS?

Do not use their service.
My VPS is down without any emails and lost all sites’ datas. When I opened a ticket, they told me they couldn’t tell me when the vps can fix. and just give another vps. but no word about datas and compensation.
Under my contiunous requests, I was barely able to get a compensation for 2 months of service ($10).
I hosted so many sites on that VPS.
I am so disappointed at their bad uptime 99% VPS and service!!!
They just like a joke!!!

Yes, they must; otherwise the company would be out of business.

Hardware failures happen; unless their plan says they take backups for you, then don’t expect them to recover data. If they’ve given you another VPS, option A is to restore data from your own backup onto that, and sort out compensation later according to their SLA. Option B is to move on to a different provider.

Not sure what “continuous requests” means, but the provider is likely to be very busy in such a scenario. If “continuous” means contacting them “weekly” then OK, it shouldn’t drag on that long. If it means hourly, then you’re expecting too much.

I mean when the server is broken, they didn’t tell me anything, even an email and their respond is so slow.
as a hosting provider, when the server is down and can’t be fixed. they must tell customers. but not no respond.

It is also at my urging so they gave me another vps instead. but just another vps, no any words about why.

I agree that providers should notify customers of serious problems. All your comments are fair points, and maybe it is true they are a crappy provider (I don’t have any first-hand experience with them).

Ultimately you can expect compensation for any downtime according to their SLA - it sounds like you might have actually received that already. You won’t be compensated for anything like failing to notify you.

Compensation aside, if you don’t like the way the provider handled the situation, the best thing you can do is take your business elsewhere.

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yes! so I don’t use their hosting service anymore!