Do you use WYSWIG-Editor for Web Development?

Hi Guys,

So I’ve read a topic about Pinegrow and checked it out. But I wonder, do you guys really use these programs?

I mean professionally.

  • Sure, it’s the way to go if I want have some beer time left on my day.
  • Never!

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Which one you use

  • Dreamweaver
  • Pinegrow
  • Expression Web
  • StudioLine
  • Muse
  • Spark
  • Other

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My initial process is using sublime, making changes, saving, hitting F5 and checking out the results.

Then any styling changes I just use the browsers developer tools (F12) and make changes to see them in action right away. If I don’t like it, I remove the rules. If I do, I copy what worked to the css file.

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Pure F5 or live reload with Grunt.


mostly just pure head imagination and type it in notepad, save it and the rest is using F12 in chrome.

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I hate when I make some style changes, and accidentally press either F5, a link on the page, or the back button, before I copy everything. Just *sigh * and start all over again.

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Lol, yeah I’m with ya. Accidentally refresh, panic for a minute, spend the next 10 minutes retracing your steps to figure out what the hell you just did haha

I find Pinegrow exceptional for templating something together initially - I guess in the way a lot of designers will put something together on paper or in photoshop…?

Rarely will that code be used in the final website (although it does generate nice, clean code). But I find it to be a great starting point for someone who has no sense of style.

I honestly never liked WYSWIG / drag and drop softwares. Pure coding will always will be the best. Also modt of these softwares contain bugs.

Regards, Armand