Do You Use a Smartwatch?

I don’t have one but I’m thinking on buying one. I loved the style of the Motorola 360 but maybe is outdated now. Amazfit watches look good too.

Any recommendations?

Yes, I have the Huawei Watch 2. I used to have ZenWatch 2, then Moto 360 Gen2, then ZenWatch 3, and now the HW2. Planning to upgrade to a Fossil something once their new DW10 module comes out :smiley:


Ticwatch E2 right now. Middle of the road on features and battery life, it hit the sweet spot for me.

Huawei Watch 2 user. I use it basically only for time and fitness tracking.

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Surprised to see so many Wear OS owners here, to be honest :slight_smile:

I love feeling old, together with the precision put into mechanical watches. Right now I am using a Pobeda mechanical watch produced in '89 and released in 1960 (Russia).

Edit: I am not using a smartwatch, nor will I ever do.


The Fossil Explorist looks great, but I see a lot of reviews in Amazon saying it breaks in a few months.

Purchase is too risky for me :frowning: A friend will receive it in US and bring it to me.

Unfortunately Fossil’s DW8 (DW9? Not sure) based watches seem to have some quality control issues. That’s why I’m hoping DW10 will be good :slight_smile:

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I have used Fitbit Versa but wouldn’t recommend any smart watch unless you like to track your steps/heartbeat etc. It does more but you’ll rarely use them.

So rather save money and go for a Rolex instead :stuck_out_tongue:

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It looks like it is not the time to buy a smartwatch. I like Google Wear.

I’m going to wait like you @Unixfy. Definitely good designs with those Fossil’s


I don’t even wear a watch nevermind a smart watch.

A bit like smart homes, I like the idea but… not for me.

I’ve owned a Huawei Watch for exactly 3 years at the time of writing. It’s been on and off, mostly off because I’m signed in to WhatsApp web pretty much everywhere and I don’t like to carry around stuff like watches. For me the main benefit has always been understanding who is sending me messages without having to peek at my phone. But nowadays they appear on my computer, which is even more convenient.

It’s a pretty cool toy, and I wear it more often now that it’s illegal in my country to hold your phone while cycling. But more often than not, I grab my phone anyway as it’s faster and a more convenient way to control the music / navigation app. So I’d say I don’t really use it, despite owning one because it’s not really of any use.


I’m basically the same. I don’t like wearing unnecessary things. I have a Mi Band 2 (not a smartwatch) for fitness tracking (because it’s lightweight, reliable and affordable), but nothing else. Even then, it took me a while to get used to wearing something on my wrist all of the time. Now I feel lost without it.


Exactly the same here, though I own a Mi Band 3 nowadays. I’ve had difficulty sleeping with it for quite some time and every so often I loosen the strap a bit because it starts to annoy me. But it’s a good thing you brought it up, because one of the things the Mi Band 3 provides (just like smartwatches) is call notifications which is something I can’t live without anymore, since I always drop my phone somewhere on Do Not Disturb. So chances I pick up on first call were non existent before I was wearing the Mi Band.

And the fitness tracking is very cool, my girlfriend is challenging herself to walk from the place we live to Antwerp, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid, and then back by measuring the distance she walks per day. So she doesn’t actually walk there, but she just measures the walks she takes, calculates the sum every month or so and draw the route on a map we have in our living room. She’s basically aiming to walk 1500 km per year, so an average of 4.1 km per day.


Kind of… I have Mi Band 4 (previously had Mi Band 2). Theoretically it has most of the important features of a smartwatch - color OLED display, notifications, weather, heart rate measurement, workout tracking, sleep monitoring, music play/pause next/previous and volume settings, alarm, stopwatch, timer and ability to set silent mode on phone, however it’s still a wristband. The thing I really like about it is that it lasts 10+ days even with sleep monitoring w/ heart rate checking. The screen has adjustable brightness (manual or hour based if set in the app) and it can get really bright, so there are no problems with visibility outdoor (Mi Band 2 has such a problem).

@Wolveix get a Mi Band 4 - it’s really worth upgrading! Notifications are really useful + the screen is by far better. Mi Band 4 also finally shows weather.

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Mi Band 3 has the exact same features :wink:

Galaxy Watch (46mm, Bluetooth).

I would only recommend it if you have a Samsung phone (even though it works with other Androids and iOS).
It’s a Tizen OS watch, but it does everything I need.

Also, the clicky rotating bezel :drooling_face: :heart:

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I haven’t worn a watch for past 20 years. I’d rather keep a pocket watch then those sweat traps.

I was going to upgrade, but it’s slightly more expensive and it looks bulkier which is the exact opposite of what I want.

I haven’t worn a watch since I started using smart phones, and never seriously considered getting a smart watch. I’ll need to pick up a Mi band. This is something I need.

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