DN42 Community

I’m an old Cisco router jockey but I’ve fogotten most everything that I learned though the Cisco Academy. Is there any interest in a HostBalls community of DN42 users that would help each other out with some of the set up? I’d really like to get in to BGP again and that looks like a good place to start out.

I’m definitely interested and would love to learn more as I’m a novice in this regard.

Is there any special equipment that I’d need to get going? I don’t really own any special routing equipment besides my basic router, modem, and some unmanaged switches.

Heard about DN42 a while back, but forgot about it. Seems like fun project to play around with.

It doesn’t look like there are hardware requirements. I’m running custom firmware (LEDE) on all of my home routers and a few low end Mikro boxes for switching since I have fiber for the links, but just from reading over some of the documentation portions it looks to have a pretty low barrier to entry.

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I’d be up for this, too. I haven’t touched IOS since v12.

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Same here, v12 was just coming out when I went through my 3 years at the Academy. But that’s been many many years ago. MetroEthernet was barely starting to be a thing. I’ll try to get some time (lol) to dig in to it, I never did much BGP as Cisco forced their proprietary routing protocols over everything else.

DN42 is great!

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Can confirm DN42 is great. I’ve not been on there in a while but if anyone would like a hand with basic BGP (I’m not an expert by any stretch) I’ll do my best. I’ll get myself setup on there again in a while :smiley:

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I have zero free time lately, trying to learn 15 different things at once but I’m sure I’ll have some basic questions when I get a chance to start setting things up. Have to compile a new firmware to enable the second core for the router but I’m pretty sure it can handle the job. Just a consumer WiFi router, but it’s a little beast. https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Netgear_R6220