Discourse or Xenforo?

Kinda based on the other thread - just curious what most people like more, Discourse or Xenforo, have a small specific forum I am planning on setting up (nothing to do with anything related to HostBalls HostedTalk), and was going to use XenForo, obviously the license cost for XF makes a difference, but from a user perspective, just wondering which one people like better.

Edit: May as well add a poll, why not.

  • Discourse
  • Xenforo

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Discourse. You probably might want to start a poll if a lot of people want to vote :slight_smile:

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Did, should have thought of that… :slight_smile:

I don’t think Xenforo is what it used to be… sure it was a big leap when they came out, compared to others like vBulletin, but I haven’t seen anything remotely interesting from them ever since.

I think that the future of forums, if any, will look a lot more like Discourse does and feels, rather than the old style forums that we’ve gotten used to (ie: Xenforo).

PS: just checked out Xenforo now, as I hadn’t for quite a while, and it seems they’re trying to approach the same style as Discourse and Flarum.


Xenforo is awesome, it’s security, speed, cache capabilities etc. I haven’t used it for years BUT I’m a Discourse fan. Other than the damn rebuilds, the starting time etc is just horrible.

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Xenforo, IPB, vB, phpBB, SMF, etc. have become shit.

Only MyBB is decent now.

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IRC (Internet Relay Chat)



Heh, I am not familiar with Xenforo … have a forum I can check out being run with it?

They are both awesome in their own unique ways.

Discourse, however, never tried to look like Xenforo, unlike the opposite.


They provide a one click demo in their website.

You have to register to get access to the demo, which sucks.


+1 Discourse renaming balls to edtalk is fine dont change to xen or vb

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Example of an established XenForo based site: https://www.spigotmc.org


https://www.spigotmc.org/forums :wink:

The whole site is XenForo, including the homepage

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Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t noticed that.

Looks great, what do you think of page load times ?

It’s not bad. Looking at the Network tab, it seems they could cache their CSS generation though, which would shave off roughly 60% off the load time for me.

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Thank you for that!