DirectAdmin - Skin creation

Hey everyone,

I am interested in migrating our company to Direct Admin.
The migration isn’t hard but we would love to do some skin modification.

I did a few tries but I didn’t get the result I wanted.

Do you guys know if it’s possible somewhere to pay someone to do it?
I couldn’t find any skin creator around.

Or maybe is someone here interested in doing it.
The goal is to have the same color as our website using the grid view (Cpanel like).

Thanks for your replies!

I am currently working on a Keyhelp customization/maybe even a Keyhelp theme. Maybe after that, I will see if I can get a dev license for DA and look into that. But that’s not gonna be anytime soon. You might better look elsewhere :stuck_out_tongue:
There was also someone on here that made a custom DA skin or at least added some CSS iirc? It was @vovler iirc. He created this Grid-view cPanel-like skin. Only left to adjust your colors? ( [V2] Definitely-not-cPaneI DirectAdmin Skin / Custom CSS ).

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Yeah I was thinking about it, it’s not that I am bad at using CSS. But I think I am bad at choosing colors I already took so much time to make it for our website that yeah…
I will definitely look into that as always thanks for your reply Ykmpker appreciate it ! :grin:

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You are welcome, mate :slight_smile: Good luck!

I think @Jarland could be able to offer some advice, the template for MXRoute is pretty well done.

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Thanks! My process for it is this: Customizing Reseller Template – MXroute (

Actually editing it’s code or making my own template has been a losing strategy for me, but a front end coder would probably laugh at me.

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Hahah I know this one tried it too.
The problem is that I don’t know why but Directadmin put some “!important” on some of their lines so I am not able to change the colors I needed to modify the grid.css manually but damn I have really a bad taste with color palettes.