Digital Drop Shipping

We are soon launching a program for companies & businesses so they can offer some digital services such as: custom web designing (static or WHMCS), logo & graphic design and hybrid mobile application development.

We can provide you with all the details on how to start adding these services at your website.

It works like this:

  1. Client wants one of our services that sees on your website and contacts you.
  2. You bring us all the details and specifications of your client’s project.
  3. We drop you a price, you give another price to your client (with your profit).
  4. You pay us, client pays you.
  5. Nobody knows we exist.

Completely white-label solutions and you will be earning profits doing the middlemen.

For more details, do drop me a PM.


The idea is not bad, but how do you compete with the likes of Fiverr? Never done this, but I’d probably just outsource whatever the client requests from me that I can’t do myself to some guy on Fiverr which is probably way cheaper and as long as the result is fine I don’t really see why people should choose your agency (no offense). And if the client already knows what Fiverr is he probably won’t even look for a middleman and go straight with them. Maybe going with an agency gives more “security” because it probably has more people working on it, then again, there are more than enough one-man show agencies out there as well.

So this is basically drop shipping, but with digital services, right?

Like Reseller Hosting with (other) Digital Services I guess.

It’s an interesting idea, I’ll give you that. I would recommend setting up a page that explains what you’re capable of doing, and a few examples of work (to give people an idea of whether or not your code is any good).


We have the manpower for not just a single project but multiple projects coming out from a single company to realise and build them within deadline.

Also this is not some ‘new unique idea’, it’s more as an alternative. We’re not competeting.

Yes, we will be adding that shortly. A week maximum.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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AKA “How to make high risk riskier”


More risk is always good to make men more masculine, only to shed manly tears later in boobs of a woman.

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Man boobs can work too if you are into it

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Some great ships dropping there

Don’t know how to do that digitally yet, but we’ll find a way…


I’ll hire you, how much per hour?

$6.9 + hidden fee

my condition, I only do float: none;

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I want you to float: none my entire clients


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CSS is for commies. HTML 3.2 Strict


Don’t you dare steal my job. I only know how to float: none;

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Da f… bro. Nothing new here besides the name :rofl: , this is plain’ol white label services that been here since the start of agencies… or pretty much any other business for that matter.

Don’t mean any disrespect to you @armandorg

Edit: @armandorg you will soon find out that agencies are hell to work with. Here’s the usual;

  • They will low ball you
  • Routinely mention that they can get this wonderful designer/developer/marketeer/SEO PRO all into one to do it all for peanuts. Two peanuts to be exact.
  • Forget all about what project scope is
  • More often that not the agency that resorts to white label services its because they really just focus on selling websites and nothing more, so they’ll sell a world of promises and expect you to deliver what they sold to their client.
  • ha! I almost forgot that the first thing they’ll do is to promise you loads of work, emphasis in promise.

I wish the best of luck :smiley:

Edit 45: Sometimes a nice agency will come around, so do give it a go. I don’t mean to discourage you.