Deleting a Facebook Pixel ID [form within an FB account]


Am I the only one that finds Facebook “inability” to add a delete function for businesses to get rid of a specific pixel ID annoying? I don’t mean the code snipped in the website, I mean it from the FB business dashboard.

Anyone knows a trick on how to get rid of these? what I read online didn’t help.

Why would you want that? Maybe there is another way to solve your problem.

I added the pixel id to my account instead of adding it to the correct business account and then grant access to my account.

sSo the pixel workds, but it’s mine instead of the clients. I solved it by setting up a new pixel in the clients accounts and use that one for his website. But now I have this deadweight bugging me. Plus, its the second time I do this mistake… argh…

I just like my dashboards clean…

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As far as I know, there’s no way to delete a Facebook pixel at the moment. I think there’s plans to implement it, but there’s some complexity around ensuring that it’s safe to delete the pixel and that nothing is relying on it (eg. it may have been shared to agencies, ads may be optimizing against it, etc).

Having said that, it’s likely safer to be able to delete a pixel that has never collected any data - I actually work at Facebook so I’ll forward that feedback onto the team that works on the pixel :slight_smile:


What about?

  • User clicks to delete the pixel
  • System sends fake traffic to the site (like the pixel test step of when you’re creating the pixel)
    Result: Pixel Is there → triggers a popup; “Hey dude, please delete the pixel code snippet on your website and then try again”.
    Result: Pixel is not there → Triggers a popup; "Sucess! well… kind of, after a grace period of 14 days, the pixel will be deleted.

Tada :tada:?

Edit: Btw, the creator of the pixel shoudl be able to just delete it and be done with, a grace period if FB feels they want to “protect their user” from a “bad decision” should sufice. I’ve searched online and I’m certianly not alone in this.

Am I missing something or are we no longer allowed to create a Business Manager account without a personal FB accounts. That’s another thing that bugs… me … and again, I’m not alone as per a search query.

Edit 2.
Can ya share how often you regret saying you work at facebook? I can only imagine how that works in social situations.

Random guy: So… what ya do for a living?
You: I work at Facebook, and my positi…
[you’re interrupted]
Random Guy: FaCEBOOK?! so you’re one of those checking my nudes you F… (facebook rant follows for half an hour).

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There’s many dependencies though - For example, website custom audiences from pixel data, lookalike audiences seeded from those website custom audiences, ads that directly optimize for pixel fires, etc. Custom audiences in particular may be shared to other people using the same ad account (such as ad agencies). Deleting objects on Facebook permanently deletes their data, so I suspect that deleting a pixel would also delete website custom audiences created using its data, but those audiences may still be in use by active ads.

You may be thinking of “grey accounts”, which were ad-only accounts that don’t have an associated personal user. They were deprecated back in 2014 or 2015 I think.

Not too often, tbh. This forum seems friendly, so it seemed okay to mention it here.

There’s a few misconceptions about working at FB… For example, people might think employees have access to private data (we actually don’t, a lot of data access requires permission requests, and trying to access any private data that’s not required as part of our job role is grounds for immediate termination), or that the company is somehow full of ‘evil’ people (we’re just regular people trying to build some cool stuff).

News articles often portray companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. as worse than they actually are (particularly the New York Times, who love writing anti-Facebook articles right now as it gets them all the hits and thus all the ad revenue). I view the company more positively now that I see that it’s really not bad on the inside, and there’s a bunch of smart people working on interesting projects, especially open source projects like React, zstd, Presto, btrfs, and a bunch of others. I’ve been at FB for over 5 years now.


Isn’t 28 days the max timeframe that FB will use to keep data collected by the pixel? that being so, a pixel no collecting data for 28 days becomes useless. Regardless of how that data was being used.

that shoudl not be a concern. Quite the contrary, the pixel creator should find it easy to cut the data stream to anyone without bother. (it’s already ease… just say’ing).

I hope my antics doesn’t make you change you mind about the forum.
Most of my drama is for giggles :wink: