Deer Vs. Nissan

TL;DR Nissan lost.
On my way to my essential job today 05:45 EST


You’re leaking fluid :confused:. On the bright side of things, it should be relatively easy to change your oil. With the bumper gone, the filter is easy to remove. That car was definitely not made for this type of impact…

Haha! Yes the windshield washer reservoir basically disintegrated, some of it in my hand. No vital fluids were lost (car’s, or mine!) Control arm is bent, ball joint is probably toast.

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That sucks. How fast were you driving?

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Ouch dude! Glad you’re okay (but I’m guessing the deer isn’t :stuck_out_tongue:)

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I’m guessing about 65 going uphill on a mountain, but I hit the brakes last second, clipped the back end and damn near spun out into the guide rail in the other lane, but managed to regain control.

I clipped his hind quarter, I couldn’t find blood or a carcass so I’m guessing he/she is ok. Didn’t really get a good look at the head or rack but judging by the split second view I got before contact I’m thinking this deer was MASSIVE lol


@thagoat :

Thanks for your version of the story… Now here’s the actual footage :


Daddy would you like some sausage?

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wow accidents suck hard time.

your photographing skills are a bit… lacking (I’d say). :joy:
sure that you hit the deer at all? no blood or fur (can’t spot any)? could be tough handling with the insurance…

and did you rip off the lose part of the bumper or was it gone after the impact? never seen it go missing like that, at least while the wheel still seems okayish… but maybe the plastic was already old and it was cold, so that it broke/ripped completly instead of deforming - impressive anyway.

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I was going to ignore this reply…however

Thanks, I took those pics at 5:45 am. With a cell phone. After hitting a deer and damn near shitting my pants.

Umm…yes. I have pictures to prove it.

There is fur all along the side of my car, but since it was 05:45 and the sun hadn’t risen it’s hard to see in the pictures.

No comprehensive coverage, so all out-of-pocket. Tough is correct.

Nope…gone. Perhaps embedded in the flank of the massive deer

Doubtful. The car is only 6 years old and it was 45 F this morning

Muchas gracias senor.

Honestly, modern cars are built to endure the Euro NCAP tests. Nothing more, nothing less. Most of them are shit when it comes to actual safety.

That said, this type of damage is not uncommon for this type of accident. Because the impact was close to the wheel housing, there was no longitudinal / transverse reinforcement in place behind the bumper to absorb the impact but rather the bumper took it all.

Here’s a car showing similar impact after hitting a deer:

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This was the TR0LL after I got attacked by a Suicidal Deer 2 years ago.

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You guys gotta get a dash cam to capture all the action :wink:

First one, no damage. Second one, just took off my mirror after it smacked into the poor guys face. Got a replacement off eBay and fixed it myself for like $60.

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OK, well, am I the only morbid one here who was disappointed there were no pics of the deer!?! …that was the reason I clicked.

Otherwise, sorry for your loss.

The other day coming home a deer exploded on the highway when hit by a container carrying semi, had to be really heavy. I think it just happened because just father down the highway I saw a truck driver surveying the front damage with a flash light. The blood stained three lanes. Wish I took a pic…

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