Dedicated vs Shared IP for Email

How important is having your own IP for a newsletter , marketing campaign ? I mean i have checked recommended by @bikegremlin and another users the sendgrid option and there are 2 services
for 15 euros and for 60 euros and the main difference is the shared vs dedicated IP . I guess that you know by far more than me about it . I mean it is something must to have , need to have , optional , only for X00 000 emails per month etc .

It all comes down to IP reputation. If a shared IP has a good reputation (e.g. the provider keeps everything clean) then you’re OK. On the other hand (IMHO) if you have too few messages, a dedicated IP doesn’t have sufficient volume to build a good reputation.

So depends on how clean the provider keeps their IPs and your volume, but I don’t think there is an across-the-board yes or no. I typically put it in a “nice luxury but not justified by cost”.


thanks for sharing your point of view . I am going to send max 10 000 newsletters monthly. I guess that this this is considered like a ¨small ¨newsletters campaign

That might be an issue.
Are you using shared hosting?

No , a VPS

Then it’s all on you to make sure the IP is clean. 10k wouldn’t be an issue if it is.
But if you start getting a lot of bounces and, or complaints then you can get yourself in hot water. @Jarland would know more about how one ip will playout with reaching the inbox of gmail, outlooks and so on…

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I’d consider with ses as the lazy option.
Worked wonders.

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thanks i have not heard about it , it looks interesting option

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You’ll be be able to get it for : ~59 usd for the license, then somewhere to host it and get charged 1 usd per campaign which IIRC you’ve mentioned it was 10 k.
I’d recommend cleaning those campaigns.
Bounces are a big thing for Amazon and unless you are 100% sure those won’t bounce I’d pay to clean those addresses (debounce, etc).

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My thing is one IP almost never reaches every one of these without being rejected, by IP reputation, from at least one:

Gmail, Hotmail, Verizon (now includes Yahoo & AOL, which includes a bunch of others), AT&T,

I don’t even think I have a single IP that can reach every one of them, that’s why I rotate over 700 IPs.

What are you using for IPAM?

Nothing. Since the IPs don’t move around much I don’t really need to track anything but reputation. For reputation I recommend Debouncer.

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So using a single dedicated IP is no sense for a small marketing campaign?

Could be fine, just depends on how widespread your recipients are across those services I mentioned. Finding one IP to hit all of them is like striking gold, but not everyone needs to hit all of those points. A lot of people’s lists are 99% Gmail and that’s easier to hit.


It is the case ,gmail the vast majority

A bit of a off-topic question here, what provider would you says is the worst for getting inbox am guessing its Hotmail.

I’d go:

  2. Verizon, Yahoo, AOL (they all use the same systems now)
  3. AT&T

The #1 spot there is actually really friendly to work with, but their trigger fingers are very loose.

Edit: Oh for just inbox vs spam folder though, yeah Office 365.

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I know Hotmail likes delivering legit mail to junk, but spam/scam mail gets 100% inbox :smile:



One question. Are you doing cold outreach or is this a list people subscribed to?
For cold outreach I suggest for you to first clean the list, regardless of how good the source is. You might also benefit from using a service like Lemlist or AutoKlose, on top of whichever service you are going to use to send the emails. You also don’t need to send all the emails in one go which makes it easier to land on the inbox (does that make sense @Jarland ?).

I’ve done some light outreach with MXroute and had no problems. I really don’t see the benefit of you having to go thru loops to get something like this done when you can resort to services like MXroute that does all of that beautifully. For the cold outreach scenario.

If it’s a mailing list of people that opted-in, then there are a few services you can use like ElasticEmail, that even used to allow for 150000 emails per month in their free tier (5k per day). Not sure they still have it as I’m not being able to find the ink in their site. Might be worth sending them a message.

I have a Truemail account to verify emails. My invite link gives you 1000 credits, so you might wanna use it. This is the link / Truemail

I hope this s helpful. :slight_smile:

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