Dedicated Server BigBox - Dual Quad L5420 16GB RAM 2x1 TB HDD - 256 IPv4 @ $240/mo

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Best Ongoing Offers

We have new servers available with /24 starting from just $240/mo. Some of the configurations available are as follows:

2xL5420 (8 Cores)
/24 IPv4
10TB Bandwidth at 1gbps port
Cost: $240/mo.
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Contact sales for the offer details or email at [email protected]

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What the heck are you going to do with ~250 usable addresses in 16GB of RAM?

Solaris 2.6? FreeBSD 3?

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  1. Setup a generous SWAP
  2. Oversell triennially VPS

You’d have to.

Email intensifies.

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  1. Depends on clients requirements, we do have clients using odoo(ERP/CRM) with multiple IP configuration for business usage. With different IP for each modules.

  2. Some use for some multiple database services.

  3. For remote workspaces

  4. VPN services.

  5. Web hosting service provider with dedicated IP (old school but still some client do).

And many more…

And this is just for advertising camping we have some clients using /24 over servers with E7 (80 cores), 512 GB RAM servers for virtualization.


I’ll just leave this here: ASN Info or this

Will this help anything?

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