Dedicated Server advice

I currently have a SYS OP-SAT-1-32, which I am paying very little for (approx £30 per month). The server is brilliant and running Proxmox and running 6 small VMs. Everything is ok… but I get long I/O waits from one server (Windows 2016).

I am wondering if I have hit the limits for IO, if so has anyone got any alternative suppliers who I could migrate to. I am thinking I might want a hybrid setup this time (SATA and SAS). I currently use approximately 300Gb of storage. I am using 8 IPs so I would need to take this into account.

I have had a brief look at Hetzner but there doesn’t seem to be much in the auction that fits at the moment…



SSD version of that SYS server maybe?

I thought about that. The server in the same price bracket is 3x120Gb SSD… which if I RAID 5 would give me 240Gb of space. I could probably house clean enough to get to that, but not a lot of space to grow.

SSD is going to be your best bet. Can you do 3 x 240GB and increase your budget slightly?

Yes. Although that isn’t something that SYS offer at the moment :frowning:

They offer 2x 480GB. Hetzner and Online offer 2x 500GB in a similar price range.

Most* 120GB SSDs have pretty awful Read/Write stats - especially when they’re close to being full.

I might have figured it out… It looks like I was using Proxmox’s default IDE driver for that server… whops… have changed it over to virtio and it seems a lot more responsive. Panic over!

Are you doing any special deal? :stuck_out_tongue:

We are always happy to work a deal with ballers, however, right now you are paying about $35 which we cannot touch. I can’t speak for your current host but we use enterprise hardware and data center grade SSDs with hardware RAID in our redundant data centers with 24/7/365 on-prem support. At $35…hell at $70 our commitment to providing an elite level of service is just not sustainable. If you are willing to spend more I am happy to work something out for you.


It looks like you need to post some offers! :smiley:

On it…done.