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Hey Guys,

So I’ve mentioned this before I’m sure, but there are quite a few deals online that people something let slide. Well, by people I really mean ME.

I’ve come to know SECRET*, via someone at FB and really like the collection of deals they offer. The yearly cost is nothing compared to what you can get from it.

So I paid $49, And these are the offers I claimed.
Segment Offer. Received $50,000 in credits.
Stripe. Received credits to cover $20,000 in transactions.
Airtable. Receved $1,000 in credits.
Dareboost. 6 Months free for their Discovery plan.

As you can see the $49 quickly turned into $71,000 in credits, plus a free 6-month account at a really great service.

I guess that many of you that are always thinking on launching the next app, the offers for Amazon or DO credits are more of your thing, they have 154 offers. So there’s that.

*shameless aff link to get a discount on my next renewal in case any of you go for it.


Really cool! Any idea if the deals can be repeated, or is there no point in paying the yearly subscription for Secret?

I don’t think the deals can be repeated, and quite honestly I’m not sure I’m going to renew the yearly subscription. Haven’t decided really.
They do keep adding more deals, but still.

I already got the deals I wanted. Althought I might still go for the Freshworks deal :thinking:

The way I look at this is that the vast majority of the deals are for well known companies, from a wide range of industries. So chances are that there is a deal already in there that can make your current subscription to one of these companies cheaper or even free for a while, or allow you to test a service you’ve been wanting to take a look at without being limite to like 7 days of trial or having to pay a month upfront.

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Some of the offers mentioned it only being available to startups of 3 years or less. Were there any restrictions for individuals?

Yep, some deals are for new companies although I’m not sure they actually care since they don’t ask for legal documents. But maybe they do make verifications via the companies ID’s. Not sure.

Anyhow, it sounds like you should reach out to them. They have a livechat on their site.
Then let us now what they said, please :slight_smile:

50% BF/CM sale started on Envato
sale mostly on shitty stuff tho.


ByPeople Promo

Deal’s a deal


offer goes live at the stroke of midnight ET (9 p.m. PT)

Lol author’s got jokes

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Continually, 50% off any plan.

The user must first create a free trial account and then click the link for the discount to be properly applied (coupon can only be applied via a link - there is no coupon code entry box).

This is a promo sent to partners & affiliates, so yeah, it’s my partner link.

Avada now included on the BF deals at Themeforest
40% sale

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Typek Performance - #1 speed enhancing plugin for WordPress (

Use Coupon (40% off): martech-single

Surprised no one linked the Creative Tim Black Friday sale. There’s a lot of decent stuff there :stuck_out_tongue: Site templates/UI kits.


Divi sux.

WooCommerce - 40% off accross the site.
SALE: Take 40% off everything at

Lordivon 50% off
Icons - Lordicon Animated Interactive Web Icons


1TB Cloud Storage for $1 for a year then $10/m


Not hosting related, but Deezer is running a 50% off special on their Premium ($60) and Hi-Fi ($90) audio streaming plans for the first year.

Did their free trial a few months back per @Wolveix’s recommendation and was impressed. Probably going to scoop up the Premium plan. Sale runs through Dec 13th.


Malwarebytes premium for 19.99/yr (1 device)
Malwarebytes premium + privacy for $59.99/yr (5 devices).*

*It includes a VPN service.
@Mason @Ympker @Wolveix do you guys have an opinion about their VPN?

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Couldn’t tell ya. I’ve exclusively used torguard since 2013 and haven’t had the need to explore/research others since then.