(deafblindminetestgaming.com) Game/Application Hosting Subletting Offering!

Hello there I am here to sublet my dedicated server for game/application hosting as we just started with a solid commitment on the following setup…
i7 8068K (6 cores/12 threads)
16GB Installed (2x8GB Modules at 3,200MT/sec)
2x500GB SSDs in Software RAID 1 (SLC Cache plus TLC backed storage)
Premium DDoS protection
Located in North Carolina United States
NFS Encrypted Share linked for on demand/scheduled Backing up from the Pterodactyl Game Panel.
Running off of Latest Pterodactyl Game Panel

Therefore this is fairly large to our deafblindminetestgaming.com ’s needs and secured this box because…

  1. We wanted to be assured of service even during this ongoing financial crisis (we’re on a commitment).
  2. More options for upgrabliabities/going forward.
  3. Ensuring performance (this box crushed a i9 9900K “Premium” VPS we migrated from, both IOPS and CPU Single Thread).

There’s was just one “small” problem with us gone this route. These are far more resources than we ever gonna ends up using so I figured I would sublet here if anybody elses would want to benefit from the same! Interested? Here are my “mate rates” and what’s included…


RAM (at 512MB increments) $1.50 per month

Storage (at 1GB increments) $0.25 per month
*This is managed backed up storage, you have access to 3 “on demand” and/or scheduled slots on your Pterodactyl Game Panel per service. As well as 30 days retention on our off-network quality RAID 10 HDD VPS.

Additional Backups’ Slot(s) (on Local NFS Encrypted Share Only) $2 per month per slot

Interested of long term partnering with us? I will knock off 25% of your grand totals if you decides to prepay for a year or more ahead of time.

Services Included

Unmetered Resources CPU and network resources are both unmetered, while disk activity is set to same priority across services.

Panel Operations such as but not limited to start/stop/restarting, changing versioning(s), replacing service types (service eggs), setting up schedule(s) and so on where/if possible.

Best Efforts General Support Services Everything from remote manual backups’ restorations to game/application’s configurations to individual requests/needs I will happily see what I can do.


  • Your know the rules, generally if it’s not illegal or excessively abusing the machine itself you should be fine. It’s even okay to go to several CPU cores or something like that if you talk to us first about doing your Minecraft World(s) Pregenerations or whatever your up to. :slight_smile:
  • Additionally as we simply are trying to cover our bills, you understand we are a not a business and therefore you disconnection (and conversely data loss) may occurs at any moment after you overdue with us. We will not let you be on our machine “rent free”.

Interested? PM me here or contact me directly at [email protected].

It’s a great idea however I see some Issues at least to my eyes and I think it can be beneficial for you.
Firstly I don’t understand the end price, it’s unclear.
Secondly, how does it happen that an I7 8068K beats an I9 9900K were you on a shared machine?
Thirdly, damn when you have only 16gb of ram on this box hide it, mainly for game hosting, nowadays an I9 9900K box with 128gb of ddr4 costs what? 100 bucks?
Lastly and most importantly, the name dude it’s too long. Even the title killed me

But with that, I wish you awesome luck and I am sure it will become an excellent service with time!

PS : I say that because some awesome people’s here clearly helped me out when I was also starting, even too I am still surely at a way lower stage than they are. Between a big thanks to all those people who helped me when I started Wolveix, Jarland, ReadyDedis, and of course Ympker
I am sure they can also be good ressources for that!

I understand why you might be confused, I will try to re-explain it as well provides you an example as well.

I simply charge for the amount of resources you are after as per pricing above. These are RAM, Storage and finally if you wants more backup “slots” than 3 the additional slot(s) you wish to have (if you want 5 then you would be charged for the 2 that goes over your default 3).

Here an example, say you want 2GB of RAM, 25GB of storage and 4 total backup slots. Your prices would be…
$6/mo for the 2GB RAM (since you are getting 4 times over the $1.50/512MB rates)
$6.25/mo for that 25GB of storage (since the rate is 25 cents per GB of storage)
Then finally your 4 total backup slots would rings you up the extra $2/mo since 3 is already included.

So your total would be… $18.25 OR at a discounted $164.25 for a year’s of service (so you only responsible for 75% of the monthly’s rates if you opted for a year or longer as mentioned).

Yes my last provider apparently “mislead” me into saying their VPS hosts were underloaded. Speak me, but I glad I got out of there while I could.

Man where I can get that rates in the US…? Your lucky to get a machine of similar i9 9900K specs at $150/mo left alone $100/mo with DDoS mitigation remotely worthwhile. At least when I were looking over a month ago.

Anyways, we actually don’t need remotely as much, we mainly got this allocation to ensures 2 DIMMs would be installed. Cause as you might be aware CPUs don’t quite likes it when their chipsets are not loaded at either 50% OR 100% DIMMs population rates. Just because you can install an odd number of DIMMs like 1 or 3 doesn’t means you should.

Additionally as you are paying for the 512MB increment(s) of RAM, it doesn’t matters if the box got more RAM or not. Provides it fits our needs and/or the needs of the people I am willing to onboard.

As such I am not gonna get 128GB of RAM installed unless someone is ultra serious about this to be worth my troubles upgrading the commitments to such heights.

I am sorry you feels this way however please bear in mind we are not primarily a hosting provider. As per advertisement, this is compliment rather to replace our community main values.

Thanks for the understanding this early evening. Let me know if any further clarifications is needed!

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Sorry mate but this is just not worth it.
There is a big host in Poland (Enderchest), and they have this plan for about 7,50 USD.
If I were to use your pricing it would come out to 121,50 (RAM) + 0,2510 (Storage) = 20,5 USD.
The pricing you are offering is not worth it.

I am sorry you feels this way but there’s a few “gotchas” you gotta considers…

Firstly, A Porland host is way different than a US host. US’s prices are much larger than cheaper locales. Sure if you don’t give a crap about your latencies then sure saving in these manners might benefits you.

Secondarily, most game providers don’t honestly have good backup solutions if any. Usually it either on the local disk or a S3 store and that’s usually about it at most. The $0.25/GB of storage includes 3 backup slots locally on a different system and 30 days store (activated frequently throughout day by day) on another completely different provider, location and network. Even if I gotta restore your services manually (e.g. from the remote storage) those are included in with your services.

Thirdly, it’s not like I am gonna give you a login and say “well good luck, tell me if the node or network fries”. If you requests help with your gaming/app I will see what I can do. Examples includes but not limited to basic configurations, installations and so on. Instead of saying upwards of charging $10/mo or up to $10-$25/task. In short if you need something “extra” just asking is usually enough for me to addresses it. Without tacking on unreal “surcharges” or “gotchas”.

Finally it’s frankly normalized pricing in the US for GOOD gaming services to costs anywhere from $3-$5/mo per GB of RAM. With at best usually 10GB of disk per GB ordered. I considers my services to be “middle of the road” solution in terms of service levels, hardware and networking capabilities and availabilities.

I hope these pointers can be understood on why I charge what I charge.

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