Day 20 or so of quarantine- how are you holding up?

Hello All. Have been hold up in the house for I think 20 days. Losing track of days at this point. Might have to start scratching notches on the wall like I am stranded on a deserted island. Anyhow, I digress.

How is everyone holding up? I have played a lot of UNO, Jenga and Clue with the family. Of course watched Tiger King on Netflix. I live in St Petersburg Florida just outside of Tampa and have known about Big Cat Rescue forever. Damn Florida always finds itself in these trashy stories somehow.

Have managed to lose weight while in quarantine by actually having time to go for a jog each day.

Business has been solid. Feeling blessed there.

I do not know anyone personally that has tested positive for Covid-19 although one of our Account Managers does have an uncle in Chicago who is does but sounds to be recovering. Again, feeling blessed.

Work typically consumes my life so being forced to stay home and be around the family 24/7 has been pretty great actually. Talk to me in a few weeks and I might be singing a different tune but thus far it has been to have some family time.

Anyhow, I hope you are all doing well. I don’t do facebook so this is my outlet. Stay healthy.


Happy to hear you’re doing all right.

I came to realize there is a woman living with me. No kidding.

In all seriousness though, I’m doing all right. Got myself a PS4 and some other stuff to play around with (Edgerouter X for example), so I’m good. Work is continuing, from home. One of our products is used by a few health care organizations so that’s got a lot of traction now. Resumed jogging after the gym closed so I’m pretty busy generally. I’m honestly looking forward to this weekend to have one day off work so I can go for a long drive (without getting out of the car).

Also keeping an eye out for my grandmother. She’s in her eighties so I’m just making sure she gets everything she needs delivered to her door (mostly groceries).


So far so good. Keeping the kids sane is the hard part. The rest is easy for introverts.


Around day 28 over here :S

A couple of weeks left.

Lots of work. Haven’t had time to do anything but work in the last few weeks. No weekends, and every day 12-16h.

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What are you working on? Has business picked up or just a project?

Same. My company got crazy about having new apps and features before quarantine ends.


New project, can’t go into details though.


Some people would kill for that kind of confinement/quarantine.

Most people in Spain are only allowed to leave their homes to buy food, medicine or walk their dog, so if you don’t have a dog and respect the rules, there is no reason to leave home except for going to the supermarket.

Adding to that, I was sick and voluntarily isolated with corona-compatible symptoms one week before confinement was ordered, so at more than 1 month without leaving my house, I must be among the longest confined Spaniards.

I’m not an introvert and had an active social life, so I’m missing going out with friends and all that. We meet online but it’s not good enough. I feel okay and worry more about the future (both freedom and the economy) than the present. I’m trying to focus on work, new projects and some video games. I miss some humans and activities but could be in a worse situation.


It feels like day 190 over here in the UK! We’re about to reach our peak this weekend, scary times!


Stay strong. It will be over in time and your suffering now will be worth it in the long run. It is a terrible and surreal situation.


This is actually very true. I remember back when I was living in Valencia when the confinement in Spain kinda started not being able to go for a walk anymore (even if alone) and only allowed to leave for shopping was really way worse to what I am allowed to do in Germany right now. Going for a walk/jog just pumps up your psyche so much, you wouldn’t believe it. I can recommend Tabletop simulator to play board games with friends online. It sounds like it can’t be a replacement at first…but damn we spent 6 hours playing Monopoly, and several more hours playing Settlers of Catan. It is heaps fun and it feels way different than playing “regular” video games.

All the best! :slight_smile:

I’m on day 18 of “lock down” here in the UK and so far I’m not too perturbed, but give me another 18 days and I may well be rocking in the corner of a room muttering quietly to myself!

These are crazy times we’re living through and although I hear people constantly asking when this is all going to end, the truth is we just don’t know. I’m worried that governments will give in to the pressure to “return to normal” prematurely due to economic reasons and inadvertently start a second wave of cases, compounding the issue and putting everyone’s efforts thus far at risk.

I’m mentally preparing to be in lock down until at least the end of June, perhaps longer…


Doing surprisingly well - but I’m fortunate enough to still be getting away from home for work reasons (as well as taking care of the horses) but I am spending more time than I was sat at the desk at home.

It’s a good opportunity to get some of my own work websites updated/renewed, etc.

I personally can’t see them doing that just yet, but who knows what will happen. I think we’ve got it quite lightly compared with other countries, but I can almost see them going the other way if people keep going out because the weather is nice.

The local pub has re-started their take away food so can’t grumble too much!


Ours is like curfew nowadays.
Better have a reason to be “out there” as police would get you easily into trouble (get fined, have your car).
They’d even ask for id and see where you live.
Even banks have been closed until recent, just opened to give some money to the elder but they’d been so silly that they’d made them be close to each other and “camp” the night prior to having the financial aid.

We are not allowed to jog, go out to run etc, nada.

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Quite honestly, outside of the inconvenience of some shops being closed … it feels like the first couple of months this year and Sept/Oct from last year. I’m not really out and about, Im not a social person, so I’m at home.

The only really suck thing is I don’t have a proper comp for dev/playing games, or a external HDD caddy so I can at least listen to my music ( I brought an HDD back from Germany at the beginning of March but I didnt bring the caddy :man_facepalming: )

Basically, not going crazy … yet


I thought you were living in Germany. This posts suggests you moved (temporarily?!) somewhere?

I was … I separated from my wife & kids middle of December and moved back to northern ireland. Currently living with my mum. Virtually all my stuff is in Germany, including my hackintosh/gaming pc. Kids WHERE supposed to arrive for 2 weeks April 1st but … well lockdown :frowning:

Is being here Temp? I dunno. My ideal is to work part time coding / server admin / server customer support (like 2-4 hours a day), then 4-5 hours walk, and the rest as down time as I walk various Camino routes. Earn enough so I can keep walking for a while.


Damn… Didn’t want to bring that up, sorry mate. Anyway, make the best of it and being able to go for a lot of walks and work part time sounds good (even if it is smth in the future). I also believe the scenery over there is great, isn’t it? :slight_smile:
Hope you can see your kids soon!

Stay healthy and sound!
All the best!

Thanks @Ympker. It is what it is. Being here for the last 3 months has been pretty good for me. Excepting kids, its the happiest Ive been in a while (apart from on the Camino). The scenery in Spain and Portugal was fantastic … I fell in love with the stretch from Porto up to the border to Spain (going via the coast). Every night a sunset … it was a lovely experience.

I hope I can just get myself to a point that I can do what I want; to walk and work.