Hey everyone!

It’s been quite a while since I last updated the horrible code in the first version of DawgyIMG. As such, V2 has been rewritten from the ground up. The interface has been completely re-done with the addition of a dark mode. (the upload page no longer burns your eyes during the night!)

As usual, I tried to keep DawgyIMG simple and have opted for a database-less design. This means that you’ll be able to drop your own images into the box without having to worry about any additional setup (apart from a possible chmod!). Having said that, the code has finally been updated to work with PHP versions 7 or higher which means that PHP 5.4 is something you can finally forget about!

NOTE: As promised, DawgyIMG is still completely open source. It is free for anyone to use and it uses the GNU GPL v3 license which essentially allows you to modify the software freely (so long as it is not redistributed commercially).

Feel free to contribute to the repository under the V2 branch: GitHub - doghouch/dawgyimg: Simple, database-less image script.

Demo (dawgyIMG):

Have fun!


Step 1 - download the repository, or clone it.

cd ~ 
wget https://github.com/doghouch/dawgyimg/archive/v2.zip

Step 2 - extract it!

unzip v2.zip

Step 3 - moving the files to a web directory (/var/www/html for most Apache systems and /usr/share/nginx/html for NGINX).

cd dawgyimg-2
mv * /your/web/directory

Step 4 - set permissions for /i (where images are stored).

chmod 755 /your/web/directory/i/

Nice work man, it looks fantastic!


Some improvements there… keep going !

Really liking the design, nice! Straight to the point

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