Data Center Live Feeds

Hey guys,

I think the idea of having a few live webcams who are public in a DC are really interesting so far I have only seen Data Center Live Cam | See Where Your Servers Live | Hivelocity doing it and joesdatacenter but it’s down now…

On youtube, there are a few live streams but they are not really stable and yeah… not as great than the Hivelocity so I came with the idea of doing this thread which will be a huge list of live webcams of DC.

If you know any DC who has a live webcam put the link to the live-feed.

Cheers c: !

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And they offer networking services? Weird.


Kind of love this idea, but at the same time… surely if everything is good then there really shouldn’t be much going on to see.

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Servers Go Blink Blink


Yes :joy::joy::joy::joy: that’s the point

Yeah it’s not ultra-useful but i love to see the machines blinking and i find it’s not a so bad idea at the end