Dashly Marketing Platform Promo - 35%

Hey everyone,

I don’t usually do this but this software IS GREAT so here goes a promo advert. Dashly is platform / SaaS with multiple tools for sales and client support.
It has:

  • Live Chat

  • Bot

  • Knowledge Base

  • Pop Ups

  • Automated Marketing

  • Manual Emails

  • User tracking, with the live chat, emails and the website.

  • Integrations with:
    – Facebook Messenger
    – WooCommerce
    – Shopify
    – Instagram
    – WhatsApp
    – Email Channels
    – Telegram
    – Viber
    – Slack
    – Zendesk
    – Calendly
    – Zoom
    – Facebook Leads
    – Prestahop
    – WooCommerce
    – Google Analytics
    – mixpanel

If the above is not enough, you can use their API.
you can also use Dialogflow, Javascrip, Webhooks and Zapier.

Another great pro is that you can use the same account on ALL of your Website and it includes UNLIMITED USERS (yep, damn those billing per user!). So for the ones of you that have multiple websites/brands. You can easily consolidate everything with this tool, making it easier for your sales/support agents.

My last setup.
2 Websites running WooCommerce, plus Landing Pages.
I set up the Live chat widget on all of them, and connected a bot that replies to some questions, as well as popups different messages to the user depending on which page the user is at.
It also triggers popups, again depending on which page the user is at.
I then follow up with automated emails if the user provided an email, used the contact form, AND made a certain action.
I also use it to follow up with users that send an email via the contact form (to consolidate the communications history).

This is a GREAT tool, I love it.
So the PROMO, they ar eno offering get 35% off on any plan when subscribing before the 31st of December.
Check it out here.

Disclaimer: This is my link.

Please remove if this is not allowed. Otherwise, take a look yourself because it’s really a great tool.

If anyone needs help setting it up and creating automations, let me know. I’ll be happy to help.