Daily Challenge

I hereby challenge every one of you to make it through this whole video:

Next time, we’re starting a drinking game. You have to take a shot on every “that’s true.”


Oh fuck no. You win – I had to close the tab after ~15 seconds.

I managed to get to 1minute 50 seconds before pressing pause…

Now my life has no meaning anymore

My poor mind cannot grasp the idea of someone watching that horribly produced video for longer than fifteen seconds.

I swear – if you manage to find someone that can watch that for an hour, we’ll chip in and send you a case of Red Bull.

We watch all their new videos when they upload them, as a family. They should rename the channel to “LSD Live.”

Thankfully, my shitty router blocked this from loading before I read other comments.

Therefore, I win.


Next Challenge:

Don’t sing “Life is a Highway” to yourself in your head when you read this.

well, f*nk you too

Surely you’re joking?

Go for it :smiley:

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Nope. Funniest YouTube channel I’ve seen since h3h3.

“We all have stuff that’s messing us up.”

Yes, you… Holy crap, I want to kill myself after watching that. Managed 1 minute.


I could not believe it.
Seen it muted while in bed and today I lasted 22 secs.

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Feel free to send your wife over for more attention.

I was expecting something of the kind but since you are into divorces she is ( yet) still “mine”. :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t need a divorce if you have power tools.


Those remained sharp for more than 12 years of use in the same house, I’m too into “construction” too.
By the way you are too into the sisters clan?

We can invite him that would start some real fun times.

I may live here, but I’m not part of the scenery.