CWPpro. Will you use it?

I’m thinking on using a panel. Any experiencies? Is it safe?

I’ve always done everything via command line, but I’d like to try a faster way to do stuff when I’m not in front on my computer.



ApisCP. Love the fact that it takes care of itself when I mess it up :smiley:

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If for web hosting just get a cheap shared host and enjoy DA or cPanel :slight_smile:
Or a VPS from a host that includes DA license.

If free panel my go-tos are ISPConfig and Keyhelp. CWPpro is apparently a huge security risk according to the last rack911 audit.

I think I have a license, but I think they only support Apache. I use Nginx and can move to OLS.

Yeah, but with great success.
If you have a license, give it a go because it’s worth checking it out. It’s a bit hard to get used to at first - hey, so was cPanel when I first use it - but you’ll start enjoying the panel even before you get used to it.

I chose ApisCP over CyberPanel + LiteSpeed Enterprise, with no loss on performance.

A couple of things that should also be factored in.
Support. Matt is always ready to help out. If you find a quirk, he’ll figure it out and push an update. I’ve seen it happen, fast!

Enviorment. There’s a few ApisCP users in the support group, akin to MXroute group (but in Discourse), the users are friendly and helpful, again much like MXroute.

The above two points may not seem relevant to many, but to me they are huge, specially when dealing with a tech product.

Give it a go, what do you have to lose? btw, there’s a no features blocked free trial for X days (30 I think)

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Yeah, my intention was to know pros and cons about this panel because I really wanted to give it a try, but it looks like is not worth the time.

Thank you @404error. I will use DirectAdmin for a very important server, and ApisCP for a smaller one.

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I don’t really need a panel, but almost wanted to give either ApisCP or CWPro a try, despite my preference for Debian, but then ApisCP wants 2 GB RAM, which my available VPSes doesn’t have … And if CWSPro ain’t good on security, I’d rather skip it … :slight_smile:


Then I need something bigger :sweat_smile:

Maybe the Low Memory Mode will work out for you.


ApisCP is prem <3.

Da is amazing if you like the simple feeling.

CentosWebpanel came a long way since the previous audit and is in a much better shape then before.


I mean, the user-frontend looks really neat and it has less vulnerabilities than Cyberpanel (23 vs 39) but still…I’d reckon Cyberpanel fixes things faster though.

I’ve done the number crunching on this.

Apache, when configured correctly, can send out a blistering 15k pages per second using WordPress + W3TC disk cache + Apache’s built-in cache. Evaluated on a VM with Ryzen 3600, 2 CPUs exposed + NVMe. At a latency of ~6 microseconds per page, rendering becomes a greater concern (1000 us = 1 ms), which when paired with PageSpeed (OLS no longer officially supports PageSpeed) can yield, for example, a 153x improvement by shaving 10 milliseconds off the baseline OceanWP theme.

Apache’s gravest sin was that it promoted flexibility. When you remove that flexibility to put it on par with NGINX or integrate caching as with OLS, benchmarks become moot. Second sin was that Apache configurations popularized by cPanel were (and still are) absolutely terrible :cold_sweat:

Low-memory is the way to go. The ApisCP key server runs on a 1 GB DO server without incident. RedHat advises a minimum 1.5 GB for RHEL8/CentOS 8 as well. In 1 GB territory it becomes difficult to build PHP from source (OOM conditions during linking). Building PHP from source yields a ~10% boost in throughput. As a workaround, I’ve boosted swap on these environments to compensate.


Never tried CWP.

I use DirectAdmin and aaPanel both with OLS and performance is great for WordPress.

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