Custom & Professional Web Design [WHMCS Integration too!]


Alimemaj is a digital agency registered in Tirane, Albania which specialises in Web Services, mostly custom & modern and professional Website Designs.

Over the past years we have worked with many individuals and businesses , delivering them a top quality design for their website which increases engagement & sales. Not to name a few hosting businesses here and there[lowendtalk]…

Here we have put a few offers with some competetive prices:

Custom Landing page design → Starting from 70$.
Full Website Design for your website → Starting from 300$.
Full Website Design + WHMCS integration [Hosting Businesses] → Starting from 600$.

All our designs are delivered within 2-3 weeks[deadline for most projects], are fully programmed by hand and no software used. They all come full white-label [no “design by” tag or such], nobody will know it was us that designed it.

As it is hard to give a price for this kind of service as it really depends on the client’s specifications and preferences, contact us for a free quote.

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Hey @armandorg! Took a quick look at your site and services you offer, looks good.

One recommendation I have is to add a section to your site that links to any recent designs / projects* of your’s so any potential customers can get a feel for what you’re capable of :slight_smile:

Cheers and good luck!

* of course you may have to consult your previous clients first to get approval to link to their sites

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