cPanel to Direct Admin Migration - Discussion & Troubleshooting

So the DA Staff has been monitoring recent events and has decided to put forward an updated tutorial for the whole migration process:

To be fair, it looks more simple than I expected.

This thread is for anyone migrating from cPanel to DA and for discussing potential questions/problems you encounter to go through this change together (not that I’m migrating though; happy with ISPconfig) :slight_smile:


8 likes no complaints. Seems like transfers are going smoothly :slight_smile:

Nice to see they’re awake. Still don’t see a twitter doe!

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Maybe waiting until they got that GUI import for cPanel ready :slight_smile:


I’m pressing X a second time on you today. Sorry, bro, but it’s never cut-and-dry.

Did you guys already seen this?

Pricing changes/updates as of July 1, 2019 (No, we aren’t raising our prices)


Yep, it makes sense. That was a wise decision.

Perfectly fine with the lifetime license thing. A “Lite” version is also nice for people that just host a few domains, but lets wait and see what number of domains/account they consider as “few”.

Something like 10 would be a really low number and you’d be better of with a VPS from BuyVM or IntoVPS that offer an internal license for free and host those 10 domains there.