cPanel remote backup script (works with new versions)



Yesterday I rewrote a part of my cPanel backup script which wasn’t working due to removal of old and depreciated cPanel api in newer version (74 to be specific).

I have some resellers with a total of dozen accunts, I guess? I can’t move them to dedi due to some reasons. So, just sharing a part of it.


  • Creates array of failed and success ones
  • Notifies user through emailing (sendgrid)
  • Works with multiple servers


TBH, it’s a lazy day and I don’t have much to do! Let me know if you have any other recommendation.



Damn, thanks for that! Will test it out soon


Great work and thanks for sharing!! :slight_smile:

Backups in this day and age should never be overlooked. Thanks for making it easier for the rest of us :+1:


Haven’t got the chance to test it yet, but I have one question. Does it also backup MySQL databases?


Well it’s full cpanel backup so yeah.


The FTP connect that creates the backup folder doesn’t use the custom port.

File : run.php
Line : 33
$ftpConnection = ftp_connect($ftpHost); to
$ftpConnection = ftp_connect($ftpHost, $ftpPort);


Thanks, didn’t need it for myself so forgot to add. I’ll update files.