cPanel Offer - Receive a free set of sport utility cups and ping pong balls

Here is the link

Pffff. You can get a set of shiny host balls for free from @Jarland :wink:

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I wonder if this license haves a wide audience. I wouldn’t think so…

Yeah, I don’t think so either. It’s been discussed on LET a few times that I remember and every time it’s been concluded that there’s really no or little benefit to getting a cPanel solo license. As I’m not a cPanel user/customer myself, I don’t really remember why exactly.

Price. $15 for what you are getting is quite a lot.

I think its just a way to milk the cow a little bit more. it was probably easy to setup the limitation to just one “panel”. So they probably thought… “why not?”… whatever come of it is profit.

I would very much prefer for them to put some energy into and push the email only version. So I can nag @Jarland even more.

Still cheaper to go with the VPS license, and it has more features.

But I see the appeal to people that have one big website and want to host it on a dedi. Setting up virtualizor, creating a vps may be a process that most people don’t want to go through just to mantain the full feature set.

What a weird promo… out of all the things they could have offered…

I also love how they call them “sport utility cups” as if they’ll ever be used for anything else other than beerpong :smiley:


The best utility a cup can offer if you ask me :smiley:

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cPanel solo was appealing before… when it was $5/mo for the license.

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