cPanel increased prices again

Just received this

The base price increase premier metal $45 to $48.50 $3.5 that’s near 8% but the bulk price over 100 account gone up 50% from $0.2 to $0.3.

Not surprised tbh, thought this would happen.

Just glad I made the switch over DA in the summer last year.

Owner of cPanel soon top 10 richest people on earth.

I’ve heard owner of MXRoute too. They even got a /22 recently!


Got an email from plesk too. I don’t believe they touched that on the previous increase.

I thought you had better taste than using Plesk.

Have you seen it lately? Beautiful piece of work, far ahead of cpanel. Sometimes you just want a job done rather than another job to do.

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Nope not looked at Plesk for years might take a look at it.

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@Jarland es un hombre muy poderoso y rico.


I am on Plesk too… damn it’s already pricy enought like this…

Plesk pricing is still reasonable, I was using Plesk last week after not having seen it in years, actually quite impressed and they do WordPress very well.

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Got an email from Plesk today. There pricing goes up Jan 1 as well.

Waiting to see what changes you will have in pricing :grimacing:

Question is, are any of you surprised that Plesk is following cPanel steps? If anything it took longer than I expected.
I think cPanel, Plesk, and WHMCS will keep going at it until it really backlashes.

They really do seem to think that they are the only cost for hosting companies and deserve a stake.

Because they are as of this moment, barely any (good) competition out there as them.