cPanel Cost Calculator for Dedicated Server across Providers

Just wrote a small script to calculate cPanel’s new price as offered by different providers:

  • cPanel
  • BuycPanel
  • Hivelocity
  • Hetzner


Let me know if there are more providers.

Check it out! Code is messed up, don’t mind :slight_smile:

GitHub - jetchirag/cpanelcalc: cPanel Cost on Metal Calculator!



My browser doesn’t accept third party cookies


damm you privacy paranoid geeks, because of people like you the NSA/CIA/FBI/ABCD is not able to track down online netizens :confused:

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Hive wins this one all around.


Yep. They are pretty much absorbing the cost! I like that.


Hetzner pricing excludes VAT for us who live in the EU


This calculator is fantastic. Thank you Jetchirag for making it. While I love the calculator for obvious reasons, it really is a great tool for cPanel users to understand what their future bills will look like. There are still many cPanel customers who are super confused and still not able to figure it out. Well done.


If you want to add us, QuickPacket is passing through at cPanel partner list price. We offer both the fixed license option and the auto scaling license option, depending on what the customer wants.

Will you be adding more providers to your pricing calculator list?

Here’s a simple version:

Hivelocity < Everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell your friends!

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I posted a link to your calculator on WHT. They deleted my post and banned me for a month.



Wait, seriously? Ahahaha.

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Please, it could be have seen as advertisement for them.
The first mistake was, he posted it, and obviously if you use the calculator Hivelocity is the cheapest.

Reasonable enough for a ban.
It does look like indirect self promotion for Hivelocity and that can already enough for a ban.

You mean it looks just like literally every other thread on WHT?


WHT is a commercial platform, its all about the money.
If someone, posts that there, with their own account, and a other provider, checks and figures.
Wait, Hivelocity is the cheapest and he posted that.

So the other provider is pissed and runs to the next moderator and cries about it.

The second thing is, there certainly exist rules in this forum. The for example limit how often you can post offers or advertisements and with this post, where Hivelocity indirectly promotes itself. He may break the rules, which also results into a ban.

Whatever, I hate WHT also, so.

It would be disingenuous for me to say I didn’t think I was pushing the envelope. My thought was, I didn’t make the tool, I don’t know the person who made the tool, I didnt ask for the tool to be made, it has some of the most popular cPanel distributors around and I cannot control what the results are (other than being able to control my pricing but hopefully you get the point) and the tool is a legitimate help for many people soooooo how can they penalize that. We have people asking us every day to explain to them to help them understand what their new bill will look like so I know the tool is appreciated by many. Anyhow, lesson learned.


Funny because Hivelocity has spent a lot of money at WHT if I recall correctly. A loyalty much more appreciated here with no cost or agenda. I hope it pays off long term as well.