cPanel Buys BuycPanel

Just got the following email…

"I am writing to you today with some important and exciting news about BuycPanel. After careful consideration by our management team, we have accepted an offer to be acquired by cPanel, the industry-leading hosting automation platform. All of us at BuycPanel are excited about this opportunity, especially the extra services, products, and opportunity this makes available to our customers.

As we evaluated our options to continue to grow our company, we determined the best path forward was to join an organization that is customer-centric, has more resources to propel us forward and that will continue to execute on our vision of great service and customer dedication.

We have worked very closely with cPanel for over a decade, and we could not have found a better partner to continue our mission. The cPanel team has been very gracious as we discussed our options and we are looking forward to what the future holds for BuycPanel.

Our commitment to customers is stronger than ever. There is no action required from you at this time. Please continue to use our customer portal for new orders, payments and to contact members of our team. You can still expect 24/7/365 support, and friendly welcoming staff to be available when you need us.

As we work through our integration with cPanel, we will provide updates to you. We deeply value the trust that you have put in BuycPanel over the years and we thank you for your continued support and business."

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Looks like the wanna get the maximum profit by taking the big resellers out.

Yeah. And it was too be expected, right? Since the pricing change, they were just mimicking the same price that cPanel direct provides.

Should I walk next door to my neighbor’s farm to buy some eggs and milk or should I drive 10 miles to the closest grocery store to buy the same eggs and milk for the same price? They were bound to either close shop or get sold.



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Was not unexpected, just wondered when someone gets SNAPPED.

Nice analogy Mason! It is very true, I’m thinking of perhaps offering Plesk licenses instead?

Try DirectAdmin instead if your looking for a “close as possible drop in”. As Plesk is still under Cpanel as Oakley Capital. So don’t be surprised if…

  1. They will let it hit the fans
  2. Make it priced like Cpanel (removing the unlimited license)

BuysBuycPanel buys BuycPanel and rebrands to BoughtBuycPanel A.K.A BBC




This is metaphorical btw, not a bomb threat. I’m afraid I have to say that now or they’ll say “We caught them before they did anything!”

They probably getting sued now,same for the guy who had cpanel in there “free” shared hosting domain.

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