Could Someone Help Me Install Discourse?

I want install discourse on my vps. but it seems too complicated. and I have tried install it. but failed.

So I want someone can help me.

I would recommend following this Docker guide as you’ll probably find it easier :slight_smile:

I know the giude.
What I mean is that I want someone can install discourse for me.
I can pay a little to him.

Rather than getting someone else to do it, why don’t you explain where you got lost with either of the guides? :slight_smile:

Alternatively, Digital Ocean offers a pre-built Discourse image that you could use.


OK! I will try again.

If your hosting provider is using KVM you can try Discourse® Cloud Hosting, Discourse® Installer, Docker Container and VM

are there any CP or scripts support one click install discourse?

Have a look at the panel. They have a discourse one click script.

I have tried that, it doesn’t work! Too many problems. Or maybe I am too stupid!

You can always save this in a file:

sudo -s
git clone /var/discourse
cd /var/discourse

thanks so much

Not a script as such but I followed this:

I have never used docker before and that’s what put me off some or the other guides but I managed to use this one and was up and running in the advertised 30 mins.

Discourse 2.4+ support was added in 3.2.2 released after you reached out with issues. If you want to give it another try use CentOS 8, which includes Redis 5.

There’s a separate Redis 4 package available for CentOS 7, but CentOS 8 is the best way to experience it.

Can I suggest cloudron?
It has a one click install and pretty good.
Can help if you want. Please send a message.

how many discourse can I install on one VPS?

can I install more than one discourse on the same vps with this guide?

If you want to install it in the recommended way you can only reasonably install it once per virtual server. You could pull off more with apiscp but using the recommended path to the most up to date version (Discourse devs themselves recommend bleeding edge version like we run here on HB), the level of sophistication required to run more than one on a single OS is far above a classic sysadmin’s comfort zone.

OK! one discourse one vps

Yunohost is a free alternative. But I don’t know if it is stable for production. I just love yunohost’s “portal” and sso.