Cool forum, but it's admin kinda sucks

This forum has potential, but I’m stretched too thin to see it live up to it. Between the options of handing over ownership of the forum and shutting it down, shutting it down sounds preferable to giving it to just anyone. However, giving it to the right person, now that’s the sweet spot.

I think you’ll all agree, @Wolveix is the right person to take ownership of this forum. I’ll still be here, but it ain’t my baby anymore :heart:


Thanks for everything you’ve done to build this community @Jarland, it’s been fun being by your side throughout! I think I speak for many people here in saying that a lot of us only came here from the OG forum because it was being run by you :heart: You’ve carved this wonderful corner in the internet just for us, and I’m incredibly thankful to be given the chance to maintain and expand upon it a little more than I already have :smiley:

I’m excited for what’s next :sunglasses: If anyone has any specific feedback for the future direction of the forum, I’m all ears! I’ll be migrating infra and domains over the next few days.

HostBalls coming back when? :eyes:


I appreciate you creating and maintaining the community for the last few years @Jarland. I hope you continue to visit as your presence here is part of what makes this community what it is.

I’m sure we are in safe hands with @Wolveix at the helm! I look forward to seeing you put your mark on things my friend :slight_smile:


I noticed HB/HT was down for a short time yesterday. Was that related to the migration?

Anyway, thanks @Jarland for building this lovely, secret pub we all cheerish :slight_smile: I’m sure @Wolveix will take things over smoothly. Good luck @Jarland with your future endeavours and good luck @Wolveix for everything ahead!

Happy this pub stays open and not just shuts down.


I also like this community and what @Jarland tried to create. Good luck @Wolveix in administrating this community.

My only problem here was when the name was changed, since I liked HostBalls more. To be a founder and have the courage to step down and leave the community to someone else… this requires balls. Once again @Jarland displays courage and initiative as a manager who cares for his projects. I never liked the guy’s approach on political and world views, but damn he is a good manager when he wants to be.

I wish you well @Jarland and congratulations for forming this community.


So this is something I wanted to get feedback on. I’ll be migrating infra over the next couple of days, and am considering switching the domain back to HostBalls.

I’ve discussed this a bit with @Jarland and @Will over the last 24 hours, and here are the 2 obvious paths forward as of right now:

  • Continue as HostedTalk, push for more providers, advertise in more places
  • Revert to HostBalls, enforce better rules on offer threads to cut down on spam

I personally am leaning towards the second more than the first. While I don’t dislike offer threads, I do feel that the majority of interactions in the past few months have been somewhat spammy offer threads. All of us admins want to see this community thrive, and I believe this is the best way to achieve this without this community just becoming a clone of LET/S.

At the end of the day, I’d never want to do something that jeopardizes the feel and future of this community. I love it here, but I think we can all agree that things have quietened down a lot in the past few months. Before making any kind of changes, I want to get a feel for what you guys are thinking right now. Does it feel much better as it is now? Do you miss how things used to be? Do you have a totally different idea for how we should do things? Please, we really do welcome all feedback :slight_smile:


+1 for Hostballs. My Bookmark in the browser is HostedBalls to this date :stuck_out_tongue:

@root Politics is something I could argue all day with some of my best friends, and there are reasons why we usually won’t. I respect the fact that everyone has their own opinion and may have an opposing view to mine, but to quote @Jarland in that case it’s just “agree to disagree”. Plus, there’s heaps of other topics I’d love to talk about with my friends than politics.


I’d also vote for the second option.
Mostly since I finally managed to put my HostBalls stickers to use after 4 years in the drawer :sweat_smile:


Well then :eyes: Unless somebody comes up with an alternative before April 30th, we’ll be moving back to :partying_face:



Viva HostBalls!

Or like you English people say: Viva la Hostballs!


Guess I should show proof as well :sunglasses:


Did we gain or loose folks with the change to HostedTalk? Doesn’t matter much to me. My bookmark also says HostedBalls … :grin:
The original name set the tone a bit more informal … :sweat_smile::sunglasses::notes:


+1 for Hostballs.
@Jarland It takes balls to concede we’re not a digital superman able to tak eon just about every project.
@Wolveix it takes balls to take over a forum in 2023.

Thus my vote.


Good old times. Enjoy your retirement @Jarland ! :smile:

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Glad I missed this until I tried to log in today. It was a much better surprise to see the name change after it was done. Congrats on taking over @Wolveix !

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Damn I was used to HT, but really happy to see another great admin take the lead. Jarland to me was also great!
Still love this community :smiley: !



I hadn’t replied to this thread yet, but thank you for all the efforts you’ve put into this up till now @Jarland. You’ve built this place, which is awesome, and I’m glad @Wolveix took over, he’ll do a great job together with @Will