Anyone used them before?

They are in the US as well now, was thinking about kicking the tires.

Good for any non critical service which is not latency sensitive.

There new lineup, the ssd only. I Have zero downtime since i bought them mid 2019! (got 2 of them)

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Can you re-word that? They are good or bad?

There awesome, have no downtime since i bought the vps. Sorry i’m tired!


No Problem :slight_smile:

I was happy with them :slight_smile: Not the best network (Germany) but stable provider with good specs and pricing. Phone support is nice, too. Just remember to ask them to remove limits on your SSD :slight_smile:

US or Germany ?

Anyone got some bechmark for Contabo US ?

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They recently reintroduced EUR 4.99 setup fees (zero on annual plans)

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They seem to add and remove setup fees every so often. They’re likely to be gone in a month from now.

After giving it some thought, I remember having services with Contabo back when they were still “Giga-International”. I think that was in like 2012 or something.



I used them a while ago if you want something stable and pretty cheap it’s okay but yeah the latency is often high and the CPU I/O answers are really slow.
I remember that i wanted to start a few factorio servers on it and it was really not stable because of latency and the cpus are not awesome.
But for something like a webserver i would say it’s really great and you can’t beat their prices i think.


You literally did a post about it too xD

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I bought a Contabo USA box last week. Seems to be good, but of course the I/O and CPU performance are quite poor, even with the limits removed according to support (I recall the multi-core geekbench5 score was around 500 points when I first received the VPS; after contacting support about it the score was around 1100 points - still low).
It is really an example of “you get what you pay for”. But 8GB RAM for $7/month really cannot be beat in the US.

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I’m gonna try one of their dedis in the US just for kicks. Not for anything production, just gonna see if I like it. Maybe a good place for a Plex box if I can pull off 4k streaming to Texas. That’s what keeps me from using Hetzner for that purpose, just can’t quite pull off a 4k stream.

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Hahah plex transcoding in 4k is hard currently we are looking for a GPU transcoding because it works way better for 4k transcoding on plex.

Plex works with FFMpeg from what i remember so even with a full Xeon E5-2637W v2 we couldn’t push 4k

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You can absolutely transcode 4K with that CPU, but you don’t want to transcode 4K at all. If you’re downloading 4K media, you should be direct playing it. Works great with my Hetzner dedi.

Oh yeah. Sorry didn’t meant that but even without transcoding we aren’t able to make it work
even in jelly. I really have no idea why too?

I mean i never looked too far since it’s mainly my brother who wants to watch films in 4k.

It works pretty good from Dallas since I’m 2 hours down the road. I’m interested in finding other places it could work reasonably from as well.

At least I’ll get a good Contabo US test in that isn’t sharing a physical system. Should be interesting!

Yeah. Give us a little bench GitHub - masonr/yet-another-bench-script: YABS - a simple bash script to estimate Linux server performance using fio, iperf3, & Geekbench ! C: