Contabo launched AMD EPYC Dedicated Servers (AMD EPYC 7282, 256 GB RAM, 1 Gbit/s from 179,99€/mo)

FWIW: No setup fee atm.

Starting quite pricey but that’s a lot of RAM there.

Cant really believe we have reached a point where you can rent a machine with 512GB RAM for just 180 euros per month, kinda mind blowing fact for me


Actually not bad at all for their US location. US epyc market is pretty high.


For US pricing that’s great imho. Don’t need anything over there but I know a lot of people are gonna be happy. Is there actually a reason why US is so much more expensive for power/hw etc? Compared to Europe pricing it’s often way more expensive. Sorry, don’t have much an idea of the US market.

There’s explanations but I’m not very good at them, datacenter level was never my expertise. I think power is cheaper in a lot of other places to start.

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Fair enough. Yeah, I was just always surprised to see this difference in pricing. Maybe @Mason also being from the States can chime in? :slight_smile:

I’m not sure on US to EU comparisons, but I imagine one reason why Montreal is used as a place for say OVH is that Quebec has the lowest rates in North America for power. The QC Hydro site has which lists some various locations in the US & Canada.

My guess is mostly greed, if companies can get away with high prices, most will then push that to see how much more they can get away with and try for yearly price increases. See the cost of medical stuff in the US being sooo much higher for the simple fact that it’s a captive market that has no choice.


Fair enough. Thanks for bringing this to the table :slight_smile:

How’s their network in the US?

I have two or three VPS with them in the new US location, it’s… “meh”. At first I didn’t have any issues, but after using them for a month there is packet loss occasionally, I’m guessing due to attacks on their network from people flooding to them for cheap high RAM servers in the US. One time I complained and they migrated me VM to another system, another time I complained and they just said there were no issues, I quit contacting them after that. A specific instance is I put up a monitoring software on one of their VPS and after only a few days I had to remove it because there were constant false positives due to packet loss and connection issues on their end, like, for days.

If you’re hosting something like web servers, which is what I only have on them now, it’s perfectly fine and works great. It’s super cheap after all. But I can’t recommend them for anything that requires reliability when it comes to packet loss.


Yeah, I’m not really sure either, it’s always been a mystery to me. Seems that the US (as a whole) prioritized pushing cloud (azure, google, aws, digital ocean, vultr, etc. etc.) rather than focusing on dedis. There’s some up and coming places out mid-west (i.e. Kansas City, Utah, etc.) where you can find pretty powerful and cheap dedis, but servers on the coasts are more expensive on average compared to Europe.

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So it’s not me wondering about this haha
Thanks for chiming in, mate!