Comodo DNS free?

Any views… on this

I’m looking at or maybe this

Opendns home is overrated.

Looks okay. Pi-hole is a nice free way to manage filters at DNS level though.

Thanks. Had not heard of it.

Looking to enforce safe search and block certain things and malware etc to make it safer for the kids!

DNSfilter ticks the boxes but it’s not quite there. Support was a bit lame.

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Oh I do not envy you. I did IT at a private school for a bit, and this was one of my goals as well. Hopefully options have become more plentiful for this. I decided there was nothing I could do about Google at the time, image search and all that. At least not with MITM.

There seems to be a real gap in the market for a decent product for this purpose.

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Aye. I guess, fundamentally, it’s a habit problem. I really wanted to protect the network from leaking results on Google images, sounds like you do as well. Maybe the real problem is relying on trying to filter a company that doesn’t want someone altering their data in transit to the end user. Which is a great policy for them to have, of course, just incompatible with a certain use case.

“100% Uptime. Guaranteed”

Bullshit detected. Get a PiHOOOLE its cheaper in the long run.

Use a whitelist, not a blacklist.


How? Any suggestions pls? Ta.

@Neoon that’s to block ads etc right?

Use a local resolver for anything internal and pass off to dnsmasq/otherwise with a list of allowed domains/et al.

Think his issue is that he wants to allow google, but force safe search.

Install Symantec (Non-Corporate). It’ll break the network so badly that nobody can search for anything which has the letter ‘e’.

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That’s pretty easy lol. When a user makes a request to Google, reply with a CNAME to :slight_smile:

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@Legal there’s your answer