Colocrossing/ChicagoVPS/HudsonValleyHost/Lowendbox/Lowendtalk Sold to

Figured you lads would enjoy this.

Colocrossing, and what appears to be all of their sub brands and assets, have been bought by “”, a megacorp like EIG.

They’ve not announced this anywhere but the trademark on the “Colocrossing” name has been transferred.

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You also have the following posting done by

You can view this Press Release at

The big questions I have are:

  • Why haven’t they announced anything?
  • How are they going to recoup the purchase, I’d assume by pushing the price up on everyone’s rates?
  • How the fuck did they go from supposedly making $12M/year to $7M/year?
  • Is Biloh still involved?

Carry it far and wide!



Maybe the acquisition part way through the year means that only part of the year’s revenues will be seen by deluxe.

I wonder if they bought them for the IP assets more than anything else.

Spicy Saturday night, thx for the share @drmike

FYI, the search links seem to expire after a few minutes. So you can just go to → ‘basic word mark search’ enter ‘colocrossing’ and you got it.

Weren’t they already quite there? I mean I’ve never used CC myself but I’ve never heard too many good things about them.


You know you’ve hit low when the forum you own talks shit about you…


So… Nothing will change?

Let’s hope.

Lets hope for a 5000% rate increase. Will help limit the junk coming from their network.

Holy damn. Did this really happen? CC owns like 10M ips no?

We were thinking about making the account named “deluxe_com” but thought that might cause headaches down the line for Nick and company. Better not piss off the new overlords, I suppose.

Nevertheless, it’s a dummy account since no one wanted to get a shit ton of notifications per day from the cest pit, provider thread, etc.

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