Cociu/HostSolutions Anniversary Deal

I figured it was worth posting this for anyone here that is currently an active client, especially since he just ran that 1TB for 4.5EUR/mo deal a while back.

Hello dear client,

For the coming days we’ll be running an anniversary promotion. It’s been 6 years with a lot of work, dedication and satisfaction to the point we’ve got. We have launched a new data center with an even better network. Our staff is growing, and yet, we decided that, the coming year, will have many news you’ll love! You’re probably thinking right now, “blablabla, but where’s the promotion?”

There you go!

Add credit to your account (up to 100 Euros) and we’ll add 50% on it!

To add credit to your account click HERE

Notes: - Promotion valid from today, to 25/02/2018; - The offer is limited to 100 Euros per client); - This offer is NOT meant for new clients, but only clients who already have active services with usor had in the past at least one service active; - There are no refunds/transfers for the credit balance.

Thank you for being a loyal client!

Team @

I added some credit, so my 1TB deal now works out at £2.3/month for 11 months which is pretty excellent.

@Jarland I’m not sure whether I should’ve posted this in offers or not since it’s a member letting people know about an offer rather than coming straight from a provider?

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As much as I like the guy, I don’t care if it’s only used for a disposable personal image host. There’s no way in hell I want anything on his OVZ.

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I consider him to be quite reliable just from what I’ve seen over the years, but I’ve only had actual services a month now. I’ll be using it for cold storage of encrypted archives, definitely agree it isn’t worth putting anything of value, but it’s solid for a 3rd or 4th copy (encrypted).

Coming up on renewal time for my yearly 1TB storage box. Undecided if I am going to renew or not. Haven’t really used it to warrant spending $40 bucks year on it. Probably will just renew my little $10/yr seedbox and let the storage ovz expire.

Don’t let it go! It was my biggest mistake ever, now it’s out of stock.

Using it as a secondary borg server, probably should temper expectations when you get one. Works as intended, minus UFW.

If you get one, please note that templates are not upgradable and no newer templates would be added.

Edit: just realised promotion is only for existing customers who probably already know the product well. so my words of caution is irrelevant I guess.

Meh. I’m probably only using 50 or so GB out of the 1TB. Are transfers allowed? I’ll give you mine.

I think it’s 31.5 eur/yr. But honestly, I have no need for any storage boxes – gdrive + local backups are doing the job for me.

Maybe this will be the year I start letting machines expire that I truly have no needs for. But then again, probably not :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly my usecase too.

I’m not in a hurry, I will wait for his next offer. I hope it will be KVM this time with 16.04. Thank you anyways. :slight_smile:

Proxmox 3 with outdated templates. What’s not to like?

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What’s the Romanian version of “Spicy Meatball”?

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Honestly, the fact that the guy is working on building out a datacenter, but went to LET for basic math scares me more than the lack of moderate administration skills.

Hell, your basic protest movement knows how much time you can get off your basic 110w alternator.


Hi caracal,

I am sorry if the question is too newbie but I am at loss.
I noticed that UFW does not work on my 1TB VPS
What do you do instead?
I feel uncomfortable to leave my server completely open.