CloudMate - Whatsapp Alerts, coupons and many more updates

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Hello Everyone

With the CLM-v1.5.1 update, we bring WhatsApp alerts, CloudMate SSO Login BETA, and much more. You can now get updates about the following things through WhatsApp Alerts:

  1. Login Alerts
  2. Password Changed Notification
  3. Quote PDF, Status, and Updates
  4. Invoice PDF, Status, and Updates
  5. Service notifications
  6. Ticket status
  7. New product information

We have enabled Server Selection across our platform and users can select server locations of all our packages. Although, we do not have enough servers for each specific service but you can expect at least 3 server locations for each service in the coming months as we keep expanding our network. We also have integrated CloudMate SSO BETA on the Client Portal which will be soon available as the only login method for CloudMate services- ONE LOGIN FOR ALL SERVICES. The estimated version is v3.0 where you can get many new payment gateways and user-centric services.

We also have some new coupons available for you. Here is the list:

Promotional Code: THANKSGIVING2021
Use this coupon code to get a FLAT 40% discount on all shared hosting and reseller hosting packages. This coupon is valid till 02/01/2022

Promotional Code: SSLSALE2021
Use this coupon code to get a FLAT 10% discount on all SSL Certificates and other certificates. This coupon is valid till 31/01/2022

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!!!

Also on a personal note, happy thanksgiving to every member of HostedTalk Community :blush:

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