Cloudflare as a Registrar

So, we all know they are doing this…
…anyone transferred domains to them?

A bit surprised they only allow transfers, but I guess that is temporary and that in the future they’ll allow to register new domains thru them, which sounds like a gameover move for other registrars.

I’m currently using Enom and Namecheap.

Currently not managing any .com domains, but I would definitely give them a try.
It will be nice to handle everything on the same place.

I don’t like the idea to have everything in the same company/service.

I’m still using Namesilo.

Been using them for a month now, no issues or complaints.

I feel the same way, however I need to refil my enpm account and it kinda annoys me the 3% surcharge on every refill.

I keep them separate. OVH as the registrar and for DNS and if I need cloudflare I do the updates. If I need better DNS I use route 53 or azure DNS

Keeping the domains at Namesilo

I did transfer one domain to Cloudflare, but I don’t like the fact that you’re unable to even modify the DNS servers there. It shouldn’t be allowed to prevent you from changing such basic stuff.

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I use CloudFlare for DNS anyway so personally it’s not an issue, though I could see why it would be for others.


My domains are registered at:


Well… they are not marking up on the domain so they need to justify this some other way.
I can totally see them going somewhat like…;

Sales Guy: Hey, our graphs are not spiking upwards like a rocket anymore… we need to get out there! people need to know us!
Marketing Guy: Wait… wait wait! You’re not blaming this on me right?! we’re widely known already, what we need is to get people to think we are the only game in town.
CEO: Well we already offer our basic service…
Sales Guy: I know… let’s fk the registrars, let’s sell domains with a low margin.
Marketing guy: Let’s go viral, let’s not make a cent, instead we’ll force people to use our nameservers. Our user base will skyrocket. It will go viral on social cause we will be wrapping this up on a “nice guy” mantra about how we’re helping people.
CEO: You guys won me at fk…

[Update] Case in Point


Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too… even for the domains I have at Namecheap

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Personally I’d stay clear of moving my domains to Cloudflare as it seems like a bad decision to consolidate too many services at same company if something goes wrong. Also the management functionality for domains there is mediocre at best as there is quite a bit of limitations.

So I’ll rather keep all my domains at OVH/Porkbun for now as it simply works better that way.