Chrome's turning 10, here's what's new

Thoughts? Didn’t particularly create the thread because of the changes (do you think it looks sexy anyway?), but the fact it’s been ten years.

If you use chrome, when did you download it? I definitely remember using an early version in 08-09.

Damn I can’t even remember when I started using it. Surely the moment it came out in a non-beta release or something.

The new design is sexy for sure. I’m not a huge fan of rectangles and straight lines. I love fades, rounded edges, etc. It looks like someone put a personal touch on it that thought more design than function. Always better when devs and designers work together instead of devs designing.


I was actively using chrome from end 2011 to Oct 2017, I’m now using Firefox Nightly and I’m more than happy.

Not sure if it’s a coincidence, but I just stumbled upon this on HN: Tell HN: Using Gmail? You will be force logged into Chrome | Hacker News

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Loled at one of the responses that said “You should Google it”

They. F*cking. Moved. The. New. Tab. Button.

Edit: the new one seems like the moved it back. Attached a pic below for what my Chrome looks like…

Super weird. Always been on the right for me.

Also, the auto-search functionality was basically a rip from Edge which is a rip of Safari lol

I can’t remember when I started using… I can however remember the fact it was lightweight was a big deal for me before RAM and processors were infinite and internet exploder and nutscrape were king! It became my daily browser pretty quickly unless I needed to configure anything then I’d have to fall back to one of the others.

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First, firefox had rectangular tabs. Then chrome arrived with slanted tabs. Then firefox switched to rounded tabs. Then firefox changed back to rectangular tabs. Now chrome changed to rounded tabs.

Just fricking decide!! Futurama - Bender's Let's Go Already Song - YouTube

I’m a firefox user for work and opera user for light browsing. I separate them because I want separated browser histories and whatnot. I’m using opera because it uses webkit/blink like chrome and I want equal familiarity with gecko and blink engines, as a web developer. I’m not using chrome because I share my home PC with the wife and she has dibs on chrome.

Let’s get this out of the way: firefox definitely uses less RAM than chome or opera.

Anyway, with the new update, chrome added a feature I was hoping firefox would have done first: password generator. Firefox’s password manager is miles ahead of chrome’s, in terms of storage security and usability. But it lacked a password generator badly. I employ a firefox extension that’s very cleverly named “secure password generator” but it’s a button at the top that generates a password and you have to copy/paste it, hoping you did it right and not pasted something else that you had in your clipboard. It’s good but it’s a hassle. There are malware that can track your clipboard, and if I can spare the password a trip through the clipboard while generating it that’s always a good idea.

Salute to chrome for beating to the punch on this feature. If they had a better password manager overall, I could consider a switch (who am I kidding).

I’m surprised that Google still hasn’t figured out how to manage RAM properly. I was hitting 8 GB of RAM usage @ around 88 tabs.

I don’t usually do intensive tasks either, so yeah… Safari and Firefox are far superior in that regard.

That’s a lot of tabs btw

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Yeah, at most I usually hit 20 - 30, and even then it could be considered a little bit unnecessary. 88 to me seems ridiculous but to each their own.

88 isn’t even that much compared to some others. (fyi the 88 tabs were split over 3 monitors)

For sure, but it begs the question as to why you would ever need that many open at once? The primary reason that I ever have 20+ tabs open would be down to troubleshooting an issue, or for general debugging. Anything more than that can just be bookmarked and called as and when it’s needed, rather than keeping it open for the same reason.

I feel you, I use the extension “Session Buddy” to close a few of the tabs that I’m not using in that exact moment. Maybe it’ll help you

Only 88?

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and Edge users will say, “you should Bing it, bing it to interwebs” :joy:

and after few days some Edge user will know what Edge used for, “To download Google Chrome and Firefox”

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Edge? I use IE6 thank you very much!

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