Cheapest FTP Storage Provider?

Hi, I am looking for the cheapest realiable FTP-storage provider.

At the moment I am using with a yearly plan. Paying 1 USD per year for 10GB. Thats pretty close to be free.

I’ve seen Storage as a great alternative as well. But do you know of any cheaper providers?

Have a nice summer,

Hey welcome!
Since when have you started using backupspider?
Not my intention to ask a rude question yet why would you want some other alternative to what you are using if it’s ~to being free.

What do you intend or have been storing?

E you can’t go wrong with hetzner :wink:


I want more space for less than backupspider offers me. Currently I can get 500GB for 55usd / year. That is too much.

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SecureDragon does FTP storage - 500GB @ $3.99/m:


1Fichier 10-15$/year for 2TB cold storage and unlimited hot storage :slight_smile:
Atleast usually… Atm it seems 22€. Wait for an offer or ask @sanvit if he still has 15$ keys^^


1fichier is great. I already got that one from sanvit :slight_smile: Never thought about 1fichier and ftp… But this seems to be the ideal solution. Thanks! :slight_smile:


No worries :slight_smile: Backing up to 1Fichier via FTP works without any problems for me. Just remember you can’t “create” any folders or anything. So it is best to create an extra FTP user for backups instead of using your main 1Fichier FTP Acc and assign the new FTP user a backup directory you previously created for it via webgui (e.g. “backups”) :slight_smile:

You can create up to 10 FTP users I believe.

cheapest for 500 Gb is TIME4VPS STORAGE

only E 39.99 for a year

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Not cheaper than 1Fichier 15€-20€/2TB though :wink:
Cheapest VPS perhaps^^ However Time4VPS has been running stable for me.

1Fichier is just storage, not a VPS

with TIME4VPS you get a full VPS with a big storage included

so you can install anything you like, any ftp server, SFTP, custom settings

it’s just so much better to have that extra control

also, great team and support


Can’t argue with that. I am going super budget so it’s 1Fichier, NAT VPS, Gdrive and local drive for me :stuck_out_tongue:


that works fine too :wink:


Thanks for the mention @Ympker @ra33o :slight_smile:

Why not use backblaze b2 + rclone serve ftp? That will cost you $5/TB billed only for what you use, and if you connect to it via CloudFlare, outbound bandwidth will be free. rclone serve webdav worked flawlessly for me with Google Drive, never personally tested with FTP +B2 though

Edit : come to think of it, rclone serve ftp with Google Drive (if you have an unlimited GDrive account such as edu or business) or OneDrive (if you have office 365 access as a student/business/O365 subscriber) should also work fine.


If you already have a server at Hetzner you can add an extra 12 TB HDD to it for some 30 euros per month. I don’t think you can get it anywhere cheaper than that…


Thanks for the tip, Malin

Welcome to Hostballs !

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I just tried backblaze b2 with cyberduck and that was slow… I only used 10 % of my 100Mbit connection.
Oh well… 1fichier it is :slight_smile:


If 1fichier works, I believe it’s the cheapest :slight_smile:


1Fichier <3


$15/yr for 128GB sound good?

Just toss proftpd onto Ubuntu/Debian and you have FTP.

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So conceivably with 1fichier you could choose the Registered tier for free 1 TB backup. And if you ever need it, upgrade to a paid tier (for even 24h) and download it. Is that right?

Nuts, if only my NAS supported FTP backups. Guess I could still use it to manually backup my Linux ISO collection.