Cheapest domain (tld) including renewal

Hello folks!

I was wondering what would be the cheapest domain name that you can purchase, and then also renew at a low price. I know there are many who offer cheap price for the first year then renew at a much higher price. What are the options?

And for registering any domain say .com or .io, which domain registrar will offer the cheapest registration and renewal? The registrar does need to be reliable with good track record.

Thank you!!

You can probably get .ovh for pretty cheap

I’ve heard good things about porkbun from some matrix users… costs about a dollar to register an .xyz domain, but prices for renewal per year go up to like 10$ after that

1 Like type domains have traditionally been cheap for ongoing renewals. But outside factors can affect your ability to pay for them :wink: even if you pick a registrar with good track record.

I think .ovh too. Some like .pw are pretty cheap too.

Any domain comes with unlimited subdomains. So, if you want a lot of domains, just get something as short as possible and make subdomains on it.

As prices fluctuate a lot, my domains move around a lot. I use 2 sites to keep track of current prices: and