[CH] Poli Systems S3 - 1TB of private S3 Storage to give out (1 month)

Poli Systems GmbH is a Swiss-based hosting company.

We offer an S3 service as stated in this topic.

It has quite a lot of advantages including those :

  • Located in Switzerland with dual DC replication across 3 different racks.
  • It has no Egress/Ingress fees (and it’s truly unlimited)
  • And a lot more is written on our post or on our website!

Today we are giving out 1 TB of Storage on our S3 service to anyone using this coupon code: S3FreeOneMonthForYou

The first month is totally free and it isn’t needed to continue afterward.

Please be fair and take this service if you really need it or you are interested in it! We hope we will convince you to continue to use our awesome S3 service!

Tiny secret the coupon expires in less than 4 hours :stuck_out_tongue:. So hurry up!

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Nice offer!

What are you using as the base? Minio or custom?

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Minio sadly couldn’t work out perfectly for us the API is more complete but we are using OpenStack Swift.

Minio is hard to expand, where Openstack is easier on this side (at least when I was looking at it).

So we finally went with Openstack, even if I prefer Minio for custom (planned size) installations.

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I’m torn between minio and openstack.

If I was using OpenStack as a VM platform it would make sense to use it but otherwise not sure.

Is it replicated locally (same server) or remotely?

All the best with the sales though too! :slight_smile:

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Well, we use it for VM’s too :stuck_out_tongue: but internally only we are planning something!

It’s directly replicated when you come on the first proxy it directly streams it to 3 machines (with conditions 3 different disks, 3 different servers, 3 different racks, and 2 different locations).

So it’s directly when the file is uploaded.

Thanks for the sales! And thanks for the questions :grin:

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