Categories needed

Do you guys have suggestions for new categories?

I personally would love to have a category for Benchmarks.

Making sure we don’t get ahead of ourselves here: What would these categories accomplish right now? Is there a problem occurring that these address?

The reason I ask is that I don’t want to cause fragmentation and confusion, or added overhead for making posts, at a time when we’re so young.

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Adding 2 or 3 would not hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

If you add 30 I’ll set something on fire.


Is there enough similar content, aside from offers, that you’d want ordered into a separate list? Haven’t even triggered the pagination yet with the number of topics, lol.

I wouldn’t add categories until there are enough threads that need to be categorized.

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I run a small forum, and we literally only have one category - a lounge with 20,000 posts. I think until traffic starts getting gigantic, there wouldn’t really be an issue with what we have now. Otherwise, it’s just spreading yourself too thin and you might end up with some dead categories. The forum currently does a great job of separating read/unread posts, so I wouldn’t think adding new categories should be a really high priority.

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+1 @Mason in Cesspit about a reviews category. Not seeing much need for others at the mo tho

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Something something WHT something. Don’t become like them… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well we have a functional website, so we have that going for us :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t see a need for a separate “Benchmarks” category if there is already a “Reviews” category. Benchmarks typically are part of a review.

Perhaps an offers thread. On another popular green hosting forum I’d often scroll through the offers thread looking for deals I could pick up to… idle.

Already exists :slight_smile: Offers - HostBalls

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+1 for leaving as it is at the moment.

I think the categories will emerge naturally as we get more messages.


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