Cancel domain at porkbun

I’m having a 7-years domain at Porkbun (cheap ltd). I’ve registered it for a while. But I’m now wanting to switch to more popular extensions. Can I receive any refunds if I cancel my domain? Since it’s registered for more than 5 days, I won’t able to get any money, will I?
If then, Is there any service which I can exchange my domain?

From what I know I don’t think it’s possible to exchange it sadly. But maybe some domain sellers here have some ideas :grin:

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Not possible. Porkbun need to paid someone for your domain either.


A cancelled domain is just removed from your account. Nothing is given back.

If you wish to recover something of the investment, you may create an auction. But there is no guarantee that anyone would bid, or that you will recover all money.

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It’s a 7-year old domain and if you cancel or request it to be deleted, you won’t be getting your money back or any sort of registrar credit.

If you want to let it go and hope to get something out of it, then either sell or auction it, as mentioned by @root.

I am very curious to know what domain was kept for 7 years, and now bothers the mind of one of our beloved community members.

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My bad. I registered it just a few months ago. I’ve renewed it for 7 years. So I’ll expire in(after) 7 years.

Yeah, still no difference - just sell or put it up for auction :smiling_face: